Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

836 Working with other groups on a higher level

Spirit: This is just a very short statement. What we’ll be doing is, as you already know, is talking to groups of other people and so on and so on, and you’ve obviously reached a very high level to be able to do this. There are many more others, and there are many more others at a higher level as well. And of course that doesn’t worry you at all. It’s just to let you know that there are many at much higher levels around you, and you will obviously move up there at a later stage, that’s not important.


Because there is so much to be done. We need your help in every department. So every department has a structure where people learn all the time, people such as yourself. You need somebody to learn from, so therefore that’s your higher beings that will be working with you. Very simple. Make sense?


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Okay. That’s all there is this evening. And I’m getting a lot of children waving at you for some reason. It’s just their saying goodnight. Lol. Thank you, goodnight.


S: Thank you.


G: Brilliant. They are all just turning and walking away. Lovely. You are the special one tonight Sharon.

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