Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

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S: I’m trying to pick up the, I think it’s like a spongy type, almost reddish, spongy type energy. That’s what I’m looking at. I tried to move through, nope.


G: Ok, go closer, pick it up, feel it, do whatever.


S: I tried to do that. So, it’s just kind of all just shriveled up, shriveled up, shriveled up, up, up, up and away. So I’m just like, maybe it was just to remove unnecessary negativity or unnecessary energy. It’s like not necessarily negative, but unnecessary energy from the space. It’s just like, ok, as I was trying to feel it, it was just going shrivel, shrivel, shrivel, shrivel, shrivel, gone. Okay, so I won’t feel it. Maybe just to clear the energy?


G: Sounds about right.


S: To create more space. Yeah.


G: So, when you cleared that, you cleared everything else around. It’s like they dropped a bit of garbage into your area.


S: Mmm.


G: I did get a Thank You from the guy we rescued a few weeks ago.


S: Oh, sweet man.


G: And he’s just saying, he is not ready to come and talk yet. But such a big thank you and so much love. And is so, so happy and so at peace, compared to what he was.


S: Tell him he can snuggle Bruno (helped in the rescue) anytime.


G: Lol. Yeah, he got very used to the animals. Because the humans isolated him, he was kept in a barn, he made an association with animals. And that is why he could associate so much with Bruno. And Bruno was on the same level as him.


S: Yeah.


G: So, very nice, very comfortable.

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