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839   Great chat with an Alien visiting to learn

Let me just see what else they’ve got. Okay. Got it, okay.

Very smart, these people. We were asking about aliens. I’ve been trying to find out about all different types of aliens and so on. And what you have with aliens is, a lot of aliens at different levels. Now, at Earth level, let’s say we’re going from caveman to God. That’s the progression, and let’s just say we’re in the middle. Then you get, we’re now planning to go to Mars maybe, and maybe colonize Mars in the next 15 hundred years or whatever.

Let’s take a planet a zillion miles away, where they’ve got the same progression, but they’re at a higher level than us. A much higher level. But on that planet, they still have, their progression is still the equivalent of caveman to God. But their caveman is a much more advanced caveman, so it’s a higher level. And let’s say they’re just in the middle there. Now, when they want to come to us, they come and visit Earth. But what they’re really doing is, they’re so much more advanced, they’re coming to Earth to have a look around, to see what we’re up to. To see how we’re evolving, to see if they can use anything that we’re doing in their particular dimension.


S: Use the energy and take the energy.


G: Yeah, and what’s happened is, they’ve come across people here, and they’ve made contact with people here. The people here are saying, oh, its aliens, and they are the gods or the star seeds or whatever they want to call them. And they’ve created this connection, and they’ve changed, they’ve been revered the same as Jesus was, and Christianity and how that’s developed. So the same has happened with these creatures from different planets, or souls from different planets, or wherever they are.


So one of the groups that is here is one that is totally unknown. They’re actually up in the mountains. And they simply formed a dimension, a very comfortable dimension, that they can build and be at comfort, at ease with, without any chance of being discovered, and can just watch more comfortably what goes on, on this particular planet. Now, they’re all energy, but they have to create somewhere. You can’t just sit around in limbo while you’re watching. So they create an environment which is suitable for them. They can change all the time, and it’s actually in the mountains. And it’s no problem for them if they have to move at any stage. It doesn’t make any difference at all. So that’s just quite comfortable, and that’s what they are. So, it’s just a simple group. They don’t even have a name. They’re just more advanced, and they’re just looking to see what’s going on here.


S: I love it.


spirit: And what they’re looking at is not the growth of the individuals, but the growth of the actual planet itself.


S: Well, we are meaningless. Lol. We’re like little blobs. Lol. But wow.


Spirit: Yeah. So, now you can see how that all fits together. So, you’ve got all these different alien races, they call them, overseeing here, making connections here. And everyone is saying that the alien races are sort of next to God, and they have super powers and all sorts of things.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Again, it’s very difficult to believe. With the Christianity that you have, having Jesus who came here, etc., he’s now revered and worshiped and so on. It’s the same with these other races, which they’ve been able to contact. It’s the same sort of thing, they will be revered as the latest God, the latest person who helped them and so on. And their beliefs in those races are exactly the same as your belief in your Christianity. So, now you can see there’s a huge, not a huge problem, but again, such a variety of religions and spiritual understandings on this particular planet. There’s a huge variety, and this is what needs to be sorted out and cleansed.


So, that’s why the teaching that you’re doing, where you’re teaching the right way, if you like.


S: The basic.


Spirit: Yeah, the basics. And then that will spread out, and that will allow the smaller, not the front-runners, the others will just fall away.


S: Yeah. Everyone, you know, it’s the old saying, life is so simple, we just make it so difficult.


Spirit: It is. But it’s natural to be curious, it’s natural to investigate.


S: And that’s what creates, yeah.


Spirit: but in your world, of course, science has led away in creating and moving forward. So they think, and they’ve left behind the spiritual, the soul, the emotional, and so on. Because they can’t prove it scientifically. Scientific is the way that they want you to go.


S: It’s the only way they can understand.


Spirit: Correct, yeah. Okay. It would be interesting for you to see the way that I see things move. Coming here, I can see you both clearly, because I need to understand what happens in this world. I need to be able to communicate with both of you, on the level that you understand, completely. So that’s why I’m now able to see you in this apartment here, with the animals behind you and so on. So, I understand it exactly, the way you do.

If I look behind me when it’s time to go for example, I will disappear into a group of colours. And if I think of where I’m going back to, it will just be a big group of colours.


When I visit different planets, different people, you just automatically create the scenario that suits that particular individual or that area. If it’s an individual that you know, there’s no need to create them in front of you. You can create through thought. Now, if you think of your mother, for example, in a fraction of a second, you’ve seen a picture of sorts. It’s a thought form. It’s not your pure clear picture. It’s simply a quick picture of thought form, which you can then react to. So if I do the same thing and I want to meet somebody, it’s going to be exactly the same thing. That’s what I’ll see. And then there’s no need to take it any further. Your conversation, of course, is a lot quicker as well, that just simply happens. Because of our ability to communicate very quickly and just transfer thought forms backwards and forwards.


So it’s a matter of quick exchange. So then you get to a scenario where there’s no need, if I needed to talk to your mother and get a message and get an answer, or give a message and get an answer, etc. It can be done from here and it will be a second or two. It’s simply a matter of thinking, seeing, collecting, and back again.


That’s why time is so different than it is here. So we come down here and we start talking like this, and to us it’s just so slooooow.


S: Slow. lol. When I’m typing out the meditations, I’m like, hello, when’s this happening? It must be ultra-slow for you.


Spirit: Lol. Yeah. Very interesting. Because all your different cultures and species have different languages and different times as well. I mean, you have a 24-hour day here. This is the only planet that I know of that has a 24-hour day. All the other planets revolve around different suns, etc. And depending on the gravity, it can be from a few hours to a few years.


S: Oh my goodness.


Spirit: So, you happen to be on a 24 hour one.


S: Shew.


Spirit: Travel is another thing. I mean we can travel vast distances with thoughts.


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