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841 Ukraine v Russia (May 22) using energy created in war

Now I am getting a lot of army soldiers. One in particular is leaning against a long gun, and again I think it’s symbolic. In the distance, okay, this is the war in Ukraine. And this is how they are going to help with the war. Where you get, again a group, and energy is needed for that particular group, it can only be,… it cannot be overridden. Energy can be put in but it’s got to be put in at the right time by the right people etc. We can’t just go ahead and do it.

So the idea is, if you get a group, let’s say there’s a group of Russian soldiers and the majority are saying well this is not our war we shouldn’t be here and so on, then we can put in a much bigger pocket of energy, so the majority will receive all of this energy and will suddenly think pretty much the same way.


S: Mmm.


G: And that is when you can start to change their minds and turn them and so on. You still must let karma do its thing, and also everybody must have free will, but we can manipulate to a certain degree. It’s what you need to do, it’s like when you have a garden, you need a gardener there.


S: Yeah.


G: Now, the war in Ukraine at the moment, there is something happening in the North. Now all the fighting is down on the Eastern side, the Eastern South. And they all withdrew from the North. But there is a lot of something in the North, which is there, and I’m trying to see what it is. I think it is left over energy. Okay, so the area, we know was totally disrupted with War, the Russians came in and they got, they couldn’t get as far as they wanted and they got pushed back. So there’s a lot of death, a lot of fear, a lot of negative energy and now both sides have withdrawn from that area, but what’s left behind, is an awful lot of negative energy. Now, you would think when the troops sort of withdrew, the Russians withdrew, everybody would be happy and now there would be positive energy, but it’s not quite. That negative energy is still there. It needs to be either used or removed.

So your question for tonight, is what would you do with it? You have a lot of negative energy, a huge amount of negative energy, what would you do with it?


S; I would use it.


Spirit: And how would you use it?


S: I knew you would ask that, lol.


Spirit: Now remember that free will is needed. You do have the ability to use that energy but it must be used wisely.


S: Yes. So would you use it against the same powers that keep coming forward to attack?


Spirit: So the Russians were coming forward and they have been repelled.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And that negative energy has been left behind.


S: Okay. But now they are in a different space and place but still coming forward and doing their thing.


Spirit: Yes.


S: Take that energy and use it elsewhere or would you…?


Spirit: Is it up to you to do that?


S: No.


Spirit: Ok, so who would you…


S: Ok, so if we bundled the energy up.


Spirit: Aha


S: If we scoop all the energy up and lift the energy up and get it out of that area, so that the area can, we can create new energy in that area.


Spirit: Okay but who could you give that energy to?


S: Spirit? To do with what is required.


Spirit: Close


S; Close. I wouldn’t want to dribble it over any areas where there is already conflict.


Spirit: Well, who could use it to the most benefit?


S: The Russians?


Spirit: They would create more damage with it, wouldn’t they?


S: I suppose so, but it’s negative though. So, the Ukrainian people?


Spirit: Yes. Throw it back at the Russians. What is there feeling? They are fighting the Russians, they want to hurt the Russians, they want negative energy.


S: Ok.


Spirit: So here you are using negative energy for good. You are not affecting free will. So you allow the Ukrainians to use it and that will bolster their…


S: Yes, send power to them


Spirit: Yes. Very good.

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