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842 War. What to do with energy of despair?

G: Now I’m still in Russia Ukraine. Down on the Southern Eastern side. I’m not sure what they are trying to show me. I can see the area covered in a blanket of energy, but the energy is very, it’s obviously negative, but it’s more, I’m just trying to think…  where an area has been sort of bombed and shelled and beaten up and destroyed and so on, there is an energy of,… there are several energies, there is one basically of despair, if you like.

S: Yes. Yeah.


G: So people look at all this damage and they are so, they become despaired. There is resistance, but when the resistance sees this amount of despair, it strips away their positiveness. Struggling for the right words.


S: Positivity.


G: Positivity, yes. So, you’ve got this huge energy of despair, which I haven’t actually seen before. So how would you remove that despair or what would you do with it or how could you help in a situation like that?


Okay, there are pockets that are created again. So, we had pockets just now. So, where you get a big area of despair, let’s say it’s the size of Durban. And then you get a small area, the size of Durban harbor, which is where all the remaining troops are, and they are positive, they are fighting for their life, they are going for it, and so on. So what they would do, is the area in front of them, they would sort of push to one side if you like, and make that remain an area of despair, remain an area of positivity.

And as we were saying just now, the more people that are positive, the more become positive around them.

So that little positive pocket must remain and it becomes more and more positive until it gets defeated.

That’s why there’s such strong pockets of resistance, when people become more and more determined to stop this despair overwhelming them.


S: It kind of feeds it. The despair kind of feeds it.


G: Yeah. It does indeed.

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