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843 – War – energy created when soldiers die

And now I’ve got a lot of spirits. People have been killed in the war and they seem to be all together in the street, but they’re standing 2 or 3 meters apart from each other. And they are just all there. And again, they are there for a reason. We’ve just got to find out what it is.


Okay, got it. If you were in the war, and you got,.. Imagine you, me, Aiden, Mom etc. in this bomb shelter, and I get wiped out, and you three are still there, what would I do? I would remain as a spirit, because that determination is all about the enemy. I wouldn’t turn my back and walk away. So, what happens with the majority of the spirits that are killed, is they sort of mass above the area, and they automatically generate an energy. And that energy is sort of, fuck you Putin, I’m going to sort this out, I’m not going to go.

That’s a very positive energy, it’s a very strong energy.

Who would use that energy? If it was created, who would use it?

Yeah, okay, got it.

They haven’t crossed over as yet, so they’re not on the spiritual side, they’re still in the greylands, still in the earth energy, so that they can use that energy, and they can send it down to the people. So I would send it back to you and Aiden and Mom.


S: Shew, yeah.


G: And so …


S: Empowering everyone.


G: Yes, a little bit more. To get the right thing done. Okay. I never thought of that, that very good.

Okay, let’s take one more scenario.

Four of us down there, we all get wiped out, except you Sharon. So you’re left there. Mom, myself, Aiden dead. And you’re now totally pissed off. And now you feel horribly alone, very sad, grieving. And your energy would be, the despair would basically get to you in most cases.


S: Yeah. Because also that loss is in levels, layers, and anger is not the first one. But it will be faster in war, but despair will be the first predominant.


G: So what would Mom, myself and Aidan do with our energy when you’re there, surrounded by all this despair? Trying to support you, give you our energy.


S: Yeah, give me positive energy.


G: Try and keep you going, etc. And that’s probably why people do all these miraculous things when they’re on their last legs.


S: Yeah. Because they do, they perk up.


G: Yeah. Because they, I mean war stories, there’s a lot of them, where you are now down to the last few men and they are about to be annihilated and suddenly they are just so determined and they make it out. Energy must play a huge part in that.


S: Yeah, exactly. It’s just like this absolute savage energy comes through, which is an influx of energy.


G: Okay. Interesting. But enough of wars and gruesome stuff. We want some happy stuff. Let’s go find some happy energy. Just a thought, it’s my birthday.












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