Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

844 You can distribute more energy than you think

S: Love that, from wars to birthdays

G: Yeah.

Right, now I have a…. in a big cave. And on one side there’s like a huge open fireplace, for want of a better word. And there’s molten lava coming from the bottom through, going up the top. So it’s like a giant fireplace with molten lava going from the bottom to the top, on the side of this room. An awful lot of power.

And this is very significant for some reason. I’m the only person in the cave. It’s very dark.

Except for this molten lava bit. And there’s no one else here, that I can see anyway. So, let me get into this molten lava.


S: It’s not memories?


G: I don’t know. It seems to be,… it’s extremes, that’s what it is. The black empty cold cave is one extreme. The molten lava is the other extreme. I can walk from one to the other without feeling any damage or difference or whatever. So when I’m in the cave, no problem. Go into the molten lava, no problem. So what is the significance of that?


S: The space, which is the area, and you’ve got the opposites in the space. Which is the positive, negative, balance.


G: I’m not sure. But they are trying to say, where you get good and bad things in your life, positive, negative, up and down, etc. It goes from a little way up to a little way down.

That’s what we expect in life. Occasionally there’s a bigger up or a bigger down, or whatever.

But what I’m being shown now is this is now going to be expanded to a hundred times the size.

So, we can either be learning, experiencing, dealing with things which are much bigger and much lower, much higher, more extremes.

And that makes sense when you think about what we’ve been learning and all the different types of energy we’ve been playing around with.

And now we’ve been looking at, just tonight, groups of energies, groups of positive energy, negative energy.

We’re talking about taking a huge chunk of energy and passing it over to Ukrainian people and so on.

And that’s what we’ve been discussing.


Spirit: Now the ordinary person wouldn’t discuss at that level. It’s just because of the abilities that the both of you have been given that you will be able to… you must think like this in the future. Think more and more like this. Don’t limit yourself to anything. Your past history on this planet has been a lot of extremes. But if you think of the worst thing and the happiest thing, it’s nothing compared to what you could experience in the future. Hopefully it certainly won’t be an unhappy thing. But the amount of energy that you can use and distribute is far, far bigger than you can imagine at the moment.

And that’s what we like you to understand. So that was the idea of tonight’s very short lesson.


S: Yeah, okay.


Spirit: When you think of things now, exactly the same as a few weeks ago, you were told to just think of when you meet somebody,

how you would like to change them or what they would need, and it happens automatically.

Imagine doing that on a much bigger playing field, such as the war in Russia and Ukraine,

where you simply think that marigold should have a much better energy or whatever.

Just a thought. You don’t need detail; you just need the thought of what is right and what is wrong.

Now, people who control at that level, spirit that control at that level, do automatically think like that, but of course they’ve got to think through people like yourselves. So, that is just for now. We will go into that in more depth later on.

And we’ll give you some examples of much bigger, much heavier types of energy that you can use.

But when you’ve had a bit more practice and things have sunk in a little bit more about the sort of things that you will be handling in the future.


S: Okay.


Spirit: So, we are going to leave it like that for now, and we’ll get back to your birthday.

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