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845 A birthday present from the other side

G: Okay. Sharon, you and I must go to our peace Centre, next to the river below the waterfall.


S: Okay.


G: And you and I are sitting facing each other, and what Mom is doing is surrounding us with flowers, lots of different flowers.

And we’re sort of sitting cross-legged and these flowers must all come up to shoulder height.

And, there’s all these different colours and shapes and sizes and so on, just completely surrounding us.

And then she’s, Mom’s saying, what’s in them is memories and emotions, but only happy ones.

And, she’s going to put these things in and we’re going to just go through them.

We are going to…, she’s going to show us different things. Memories from the past, which are just happy and light. And that’s her birthday present.


S: That’s her gift, yeah.


G: Okay, so let’s just sit there and see what’s there.

Mmm, I just got pictures. One of the kiddie ones, when you fell asleep against me, on the way back from the hot air balloon. Lots of others just for you, Shan. So you go through it, do your own thing, and I’ll sit here and go through my own thing.

And we’ll chat a little bit later.


G: lol. Sorry I just got a chicken that clucked in. And I thought “I’m losing the plot here”.


S: Lol.


G: Now, what’s happened on my side, is, I started seeing all these brilliant memories and they are all fun and so on. And then they started to get all dark, speckled, spots on them, and looking a bit dowdy and so on. And suddenly they were all taken away, and what was left was a big white patch. 


What Mom’s saying, it’s all the past, we’ve all been there, enjoyed them, they will always be there, they’ll always be memories.


S: Mmm.


G: And now you’re going to create new ones.

So you have this empty stage in front of you, and now you must go off and create new memories.


S: Mine were all memories, flashbacks to this, that, that, that… and how naughty we were, all the way back to being a baby, and to being held in her arms.


G: Wow.


S: Like it’s just when… I just got younger and younger and younger and younger and younger and there I was suddenly in her arms. And I know I’m not well or whatever. It was just…

So it’s just weeeee…to nothingness. But this whole channel down. And then gone.


G: Yeah. And I’m gone completely out of it.


S: Yeah.


G: Well, that wasn’t what I expected.


S: No.


G: I did get a cake.


S: She … yes, you did get a cake. She’s not so chatty anymore, for such a chatterbox. She’s busy.

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