Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

846 New “Mother” guide for Sharon

G: Well I’m not getting anything, but you are.


S: Yes, I feel like she is inside my whole head.


G: Yep, Your whole head is one big cloud.


S: Yeah. She climbed into my head. Tried to get into my body but.


G: Lol. You just keep on going with that. I will send you some energy.


S: And I was focusing on something completely different and she just came and grabbed the moment.


G: That’s brilliant. Okay, she is your guide, the woman that was standing to your right a few nights ago. She is a mother. Very experienced. She is coming to keep you balanced, as far as your day-to-day life and your motherhood go, and so on. You will be getting a lot of guides coming along to help you with different things and she will act as a barrier between the two, she will sort of oversee everything. To make sure you don’t get unduly stressed or whatever. So her job is to look after you and make sure you get the right information and make sure you are happy and the whole works. So she is your main guide. So, she will be dealing with all the people that come along in the future. So, that’s all she has to say at the moment.

She understands what you are going through at the moment. She is very soft and gentle inside, but full of wisdom. Great wisdom. And she seems to have had a lot of experience being a mother, a lot of lives as being a mother. I’m not sure how to explain that. Well, yeah, she had lots of lives where she was a mother because it’s like something she sort of specialises in at this level. And instead of moving on, she has decided to act as a guide a few times. Just so that she can put her experience and her wisdom to good use. She says you will get on very nicely and easily because she says inside you are a very easy-going person. And outside, she is saying there is two levels. One for Aiden and one for people. But you’ve got to have… then the 3rd one inside, which is you on your own, which is very nice, very soft, very clever, very clever. She will be here every night when you meditate. That is part of her job. She won’t always tune in; you won’t always be able to see her. She will just always be there. And you just got to know that you will always have her there. I know her name, but it will be good if you found it out later on.


S: Yeah.


G: And then I can confirm it. But, very happy, very happy. She gave me that sort of long speech to show that she is very sincere and disciplined and so on. And then this big broad smile, lots of happiness, fun and bubbles. Nice, very nice. 

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