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846 Spirit show us how they see healing from their side

S: My pussy cat is here.


G: Good.


S: “E” is back with a lot of pink.


G: A lot of pink, ok. Pink is very nice.


S: Comforting.


G: Yeah, especially after healing, you get wrapped in a pink blanket.


S: She’s flowing it all around the room.


G: Mmm, maybe so it’s that I will sleep well.


S: Yeah.


G: Now I’m getting hot with all this energy. Somebody is showing me what it’s like for them doing healing.


Spirit: Because what you need from this side is for us to be able to supply the energy. What happens is for example when you took hold of Geoff’s knee just now, what you wanted to do was heal it, to put in calming and healing and so on. So, based on the experience you’ve got, the first thing you do is you try and put in those sorts of colours, choices, whatever you have thought, based on your experience. And that is what you did.

So, we will recognise what you are trying to do and then we will supply that sort of energy to go through and ‘whatever it is you want’. In a lot of the cases, in most of the cases, you are pretty much correct because you think the right way, not of the right colour. So, if the colour is supposed to be red and you are thinking of orange, well that’s fine, and we can change that. But you’re thinking the right way, is what’s important.  

There are two things that happen here, first of all, when you start to heal in the future, don’t think of the past and what experience you’ve had in the past. Just let us do it. And that’s what you want to do. Just say ok, I’ve made the connection, it’s all yours, do your thing. And we will come along and see what is best for that ‘knee’. And we will fix it our way. And that is exactly the way that E has just done now. She’s put through all the colours that are needed. What you were trying to do was see all the colour etc,


S: Yes.


Spirit: …which is fine, that’s fine. That’s the way you learn, there is nothing wrong with doing that. But just let her or us or whoever do our thing, and you just watch what goes on. And that is the way you will learn. And that’s the way your healing will be much quicker in the future.


S: Yes.


Spirit: Ok, so that’s all I wanted to tell you this evening. So a very quick one, thank you and goodnight. Lol.


S: Lol. Thank you, very helpful. And goodnight. It’s so true because we try and understand everything and try and make sense of everything, explain things and ..


G: Yeah, so it makes sense just to use them.


S: Yeah, so much easier as well. That was beautiful.

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