Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

847 Experiencing the energy of “E”

 S: E is still here. She is all around my 3rd eye.

G: I can see. I can see your aura. She is all around your head, your right shoulder and most of your left shoulder.

S: Yeah.

G: And it’s like, well, I can’t see too many colours, I’ve got my eyes open, that’s why. Seeing it as a grey. And the face too. The face’s images come and go. I think because I expect to see a face. One of the characteristics is serene. That’s unusual.


S: She’s all over my chin now.


G: Yeah. It’s a pity the room isn’t darker, I’d be able to see more. But it’s nice just to be able to see this. It’s like you keep coming and going. And the face keeps changing, it’s more like, there’s no distinct images. It’s movement.


S: Serenity is not something you get very often.


G: No it’s not. She’s obviously very well experienced. Lol.  Ok, just so we can sort of check we are on the same page: it looks like she’s moved down from the top of your head, she’s now not at the top of your head, just from your 3rd eye downwards.


S: Yes. yes.


G: Ok, so what I am seeing is right and what you are feeling is right. Mmm. very nice. Now when you get a guide like this appearing. Do they show themselves at what sort of age? You can show yourself as being beautiful, serene, etc. but people with wisdom are normally older, that’s why is often a red Indian or old Chinese guy or whatever. I see E as being, I don’t know, 35? Perfect, not figure, perfect….


S: A youthful look.


G: Yeah, her face. But of course, she doesn’t have one. What she does is show herself as what you would like to see, probably.


S: I don’t see her, I sense her.


G: Or as she was last here. You just see colours.


S: I just sense her, and then I start seeing colours. But I actually just sense her. I feel her.


G: Yeah, I’m trying to see…


S: I got one image once. And since then, I just sense.


G: Yeah, that image is probably her character that she sends. So you can see one flash of that and that’s all. It’s like I’ve just been trying to see an actual face and so on and she says ‘no, it’s all colours’.


S: She is just energy.


G: All colours. Okay. Of course you are the updated model. Maybe you are a friend of ‘no name’. (No-name is one of our regular guides)


S: Yeah. No name. No face. Lol.


G: Lol. Yeah, excellent. But when you think about it, that’s what we’ve been dealing with.


S: It’s also how to teach people, don’t make everything so meaningful. Like someone asking if your massage is somatic. I have to go look up what that meant, to help people with anxiety and whatever, because I help people with everything, so I’m like yeah, I guess so. But that’s just giving it a name. Everything has got to have a name and a label.


G: yeah, it has in today’s society. It’s like Reiki, that’s just spiritual healing put into boxes.


S: Yeah, but when I was younger, you saying to me ‘just heal’, and I couldn’t do that because I needed to be able to say to my clients “I’m doing this” because they need to understand what I’m doing to them. A label. So I went and did a Reiki course and then I started doing all sorts and it wasn’t even Reiki. But ..


G: Yeah, I never thought of that. But it makes sense. It’s also a good thing

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