Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

852 New Galactic colors for the change

G: Okay. We’re in one of the rooms in the White Mansion. We went to yesterday?


S: Yeah.


G: And on the outside there are three colours. Light blue, sort of a creamy brown and above that is a new colour. I’ve got no idea what it is. Because I can’t actually see it. Anyway. It’s significant. So, let’s just go inside. And see what is inside. Okay. Inside is just a plain room. I can’t even see any furniture or whatever. It’s bare on one side. And on the right-hand side, there’s some stairs going up. And it zigzags upwards about three stories. So, this is relevant, I think.


Let’s go up there. And as we get to the top, It comes out at the roof. So, looking out, I can see, its nighttime, I can see just darkness all over. The stars up there. I can see the forest with the moon shining on it. Everything around the house is quite normal, quiet, empty, etc. So, it’s a bit of a mystery, let’s go back down. And there is colored energy there.


S: Yeah, which will be coming from above. So, it’s galactic energy that they’re using.


G: Yeah. It seems to be. So, how does it fit into our World? It’s energy close by, that you will be using. Okay. You are right, it does come from up there, that’s the significance. So, they’ve just sort of closed the stars, they’ve made one shoot that goes from up there down to here, just to show us what it is. Now, there is something that looks a bit like a toaster or something.


Oh, it’s a thing to store energy. That’s what it is.  So, energy will be gathered there for you to use when you need it. And it’s just access to that particular energy. Now, the colours, as I said, light blue, that is for healing, and you’ve got a sort of creamy brown, beige, that’s for making things softer, smoother, and you’ve got this last colour. They’re only showing me this as two black stripes.

It’s something which isn’t here yet, I think that’s what it is. Something, you’ll be drawing in and using, but it’s not here yet. So, it’s probably something to do with change, when this change starts to happen, they’ll bring down that particular colour.


And what you’ll do in this room as well, is there’ll be lots of other colours as well. This will be your storage area, so you’ll be able to keep all of this energy here for whenever you need it. That’s what it is. Very clever.


S: Mmm, my own play area. Lol.


G: Yeah, yeah. Lol. Ah, okay. Alright, and you’ll have access to people there as well, who will help you with the colours. And that’s lots of people. People will come with colours in the beginning to show you how to use them.


S: Mmm.


G: Okay. Let’s go out of there. Close that door. I don’t think there is anything else in there tonight in the house. So, I’ll leave the house. We’ll leave, and go on, looking down on the forest and travel in that direction. And just see where we end up. And what else they want to show us.


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