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853 New colors to correct beliefs

S: All I can see in front of me is just, it’s like a black energy moving around. With this like, kind of like a luminous, pinky purple colour in between it. And it’s just constantly moving.


G: Okay. It sort of half feels like somebody’s coming in. Okay, tell me more about the image you are seeing.


S: It’s a black, moving energy. With almost like lines of this purplish, pinkish lines in between it. Constantly, constantly moving. It’s dissipated now.


G: Okay. There’s seems to be a lot of people around us, and they’re in a bit of a distance. They’re in the distance because what’s in front of both of us is this black energy. And it’s black, and I can see the purple and pink and so on moving around it.


S: Now I can see the red in it as well. But it’s tall, it’s going up this time, it’s weird.


G: The energy is?


S: Yeah, the energy has changed shape and it’s going upwards. And it’s going black.


G: Okay, walk into the energy. Let’s see what you feel. Again. Does the energy or part of the energy feel good to you or bad?


S: Good.


G: It feels good?


S: Yeah


G: Good.


S: I walked in and I just felt space, as in I could have space.


G: Okay. It’s to create space, it’s recreating. Black, as you know, kills things. Helps put animals to sleep and also destroys things. So, where you have something which needs to be mending, recreating, changing or whatever, you use this particular collection of colours. The black goes in and kills it. The red, as you know, does what?


S: It’s re-creation.


G: Okay. And the purple is?


S: Spiritual.


G: Exactly. So, that’s what it is. So, where something is wrong. Now, this is energy that you’re going to come across, which is created by various people in various groups. Where they’ve been fed wrong information, that needs correcting.


S: Yep.


G: So, you simply go in with this energy and all three at once, and that just calms down the whole thing. It kills all the bad energy it recreates under the spiritual. So, it changes what they’ve been told or their beliefs. It just changes it a little bit, not too much. So, they don’t feel any major change, but they certainly understand that now they think a slightly different way.


S: Yeah.


G: Ok, that’s…


S: Got all that. Absolutely.


G: Okay. That’s very nice. Okay. So, the people all around you are wondering what you’ve killed so far. Lol.


S: lol.


Spirit: Okay. No, they are very happy with that, so. The example is now going to disappear and more people can come forward. Okay. That was quite hard to get to because you’re using a negative as a positive. That wasn’t very simple and straightforward. But you got that nicely.


S: But, I got it. Yeah. I could feel it.

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