Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

854 Spirit teaching Sharon new colors

Spirit: Okay. Let’s see if they’ve got another one for you. Okay. The next one is much smaller and it’s black and cream. That’s all, just black and cream.


S: That would be to negativity and to calm something down.


Spirit: Mm-hmm.


S: Calming. Peace.


Spirit: Yes. Very much so. And the reason it’s all in one instead of doing two separate actions is because you’re going to calm somebody down at the same time… So, you’re going to destroy a memory and at the same time calm them down. You’re going to relax things. That’s what that is for.


Spirit: Okay. Let’s see if there’s another. Okay. Black and yellow.


S: Again, to remove negativity, but the yellow is very uplifting, energizing and spiritual connection.


Spirit: Yeah. Spiritual connection is the main point here. Where they’ve got what they believe is spiritual connection. If when they first… Let’s say they first decide… They first meet their guide and somebody says, I met the guide, he looks like this, and the medium or somebody helping them says, oh yes, that’s a grey alien or that’s a blue, whatever. Then they believe the wrong thing. That’s what that means.


S: Okay.


Spirit: Now, they carry on believing that, and it can be something very simple in the beginning, which they don’t even bother to check it, and they just carry on going. So that corrects that all the time.


S: Okay.


Spirit: Okay. You’re doing very well here. Let’s try a black and orange.


S: Orange is to renew energy. Rebuild. Replenish.


Spirit: Rebuilds what? Now this is the difference between… You know, your red which rebuilds, and red orange which does the same thing, but slightly different. So what do you think that would be?


S: Is it to energize and excite?


Spirit: Yes. Well-being.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Very good. Well-being. So that is somebody who’s a bit in the doldrums because what they’ve been doing and learning isn’t quite right, so…


S: Then there’s the wrongness of themselves and you can energize them and excite them.



Spirit: Yes. Very good. You’re doing well. Right, let’s try and find you a hard way. Black and gray.


S: Black and gray.


Spirit: Try thinking of the two colors together. Black is very dark and gray is…


S: I was thinking for clarity so I can give people… I just see people looking at things, so they can look at things and understand things and hear things, but there’s no judgments or anything. There’s just clarity, so…


Spirit: Not quite clarity in a way, but it’s not as clear as that.


S: Yeah, it’s not the right word I’m using.


Spirit: Yeah. I’m not sure whether there is a word. It’s when somebody’s been told something and they’re very rigid about it, very solid, that’s the way it is, and they’re very stubborn. And what you do is you change that black stubbornness to gray.


S: To soften it.


Spirit: Yeah, it softens it a little bit, so they are not quite that stubborn.


S: That’s fine. So I’m sitting in a box and I’m just looking like this and scanning and looking and scanning. It’s because they’re in their box, they’re in their world.


Spirit: Yeah, that’s black and gray, that’s very good.


Spirit: Let’s try a black and white.


S: That’s negative positive, isn’t it?


Spirit: Yes. So, what does it do?


S: Flipping someone from bad to good.


Spirit: Yeah, basically. It destroys a negative thought, or a wrong thought.


S: And replaces it with a positive?


Spirit: And just leaves it blank.


S: Ok.


Spirit: You just completely do away with it.


S: So it allows the space for positive.


Spirit: Yeah, space for positive. A very good way of putting it.


Spirit: Let’s see. Black and pink. Or let’s go with another colour, black and purple.


S: Black is to remove negativities. To allow for spiritual connections.


Spirit: Yes. To replace it with spiritual belief.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Quite right. Now, a light blue. Black and light blue. It’s a bit more of a tricky one.


S: It’s a soft energy.


Spirit: Mmm, yeah….


S: Is it to do with things that have been said? Spoken? No.


Spirit: No. What is light blue? What is that used for?


S: I keep getting healing.


Spirit: Yes, that’s right.


S: It’s anti-inflammatory, it’s calming.


Spirit: Mmm.. It’s basically spiritual healing. In all forms. That’s between your heart center and your throat center. You get this light blue, for healers. So it’s when somebody has a rigid opinion of something to do with healing that needs to be changed. So you can change that rigidity and they think well maybe It could be this.


S: Ok.


Spirit: Now, all these sorts of combinations, we can’t expect you to remember them all. But you’ve now heard of these, so they are in your system. We will put plenty more into your system when the time is right. But that’s how all these different colors work. All these different energies work. And it’s far more than we can hope to tell you. So you’ll be using all of these. But it’s just interesting to see how you use combinations of colors.


S: Absolutely. Kill two birds with one stone as we would say down here.


Spirit: Now, if we go back to your room in the mansion you’ll see that these colors are now there.


S: And I’ll be playing with them.


Spirit: You will indeed. It’s just a matter of going in and you’ll remember what they are straight away. Okay, let’s go back outside. We’ll go back to our group which were all watching from a distance. And you have your feline visitor coming to say hello. And let’s just see if there’s anything else.

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