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860 A spirit chats about how he helps people who cross over

G: Mmm, somebody else is going to talk. He’s coming right into me. (settling in)


Spirit: Okay. This takes a bit of getting used to.


S: It’s different energy.


Spirit: Ah, I have moved over there many, many lifetimes ago and I decided to stay at the level which we were discussing a few minutes ago where you still have the physical, so you can still hug, you know, etc. I stay in this level so that I can help people change. And what I like about this level is it’s such a beautiful feeling and to see somebody reconnect with their spouse or lover or like you would reconnect with your mother. It’s the most beautiful feeling really. Just this outpouring of love from both parties when they connect.


Now, when I first got over here I went through a few lives and there was a lot of very abused lives and it was something that I chose to learn and in the last six lives I had an awful lot of abuse and no real love. And I chose it because I wanted to learn and experience it. And now I’ve come over here and experienced just the opposite. And this beautiful, beautiful sensation that I can’t tell you how absolutely beautiful it is and to see it happen in front of your eyes all the time. And I help people to connect, to get that 100% love connection. A lot of people come across and they’re very disturbed when they get across  because things aren’t as they seem. And they want to just straight away go back to their planet, that’s what they want to see. It’s far more complicated than that, as you’ve just been told. So what I do is I stay here and I help them and for me it’s so…..…


S: It fills your soul


Spirit: Oh absolutely, it is just too beautiful and that is just what I love to do and I can stay here for as long as I like and only when I’m ready can I decide can I progress and go back to go on and continue with what I chose. I wouldn’t, if I choose the next life I certainly won’t go back to another one of abuse but I’ve learnt that side of it so well and this is why I can appreciate this beautiful, loving feeling so much, where I am now.


S: Shew.


Spirit: So I’m going to stay here for a lot longer until I’ve really had enough and then I will progress from there. And I just wanted to share that with you because I don’t get to talk too much and because you’ve been shown this evening how it all works I just thought I’d introduce myself and let you know that I’m always here and I’ll be here for a long time 


S: That is beautiful


Spirit: And when you send people over I’m here


S: That is beautiful Thank you. And thank you for sharing.


Spirit: All my love goes to you.



Us babbling



G: Wow, that was a goodie..


S: Like refueling his soul after abuse. 


G: Absolutely.


S: Filling up a fuel tank. And it’s not even from receiving it’s just by helping others and seeing the joy they have.


G: Seeing this huge difference, yeah.


S: He is feeding his soul, which is how it should be on our planet.


G: Well you imagine how you’re going to feel when you meet Mom for the first time, when you go back over.


S: Yeah,


G: There’s going to be an unbelievable outpouring of love. So, that’s what he sees all the time. That’s what he helps, bringing people together.


G: Now if we do one meditation a day that’s 30 of them That means we’ve done about 180 so far.


S: Yep Still typing. Lol. I know I have to say what I’m going to do with the book Because I have so much to say as always, I think that’s because you’re going to die Really? I just know that, oh my god So It’ll be a meditation and then it’ll be information and it’ll be either history, background, whatever examples, whatever information So it’s going to be a book covering everything and every aspect Not just the channels or more sessions So every now and then there’ll be episodes in relation to love or whatever I know what I mean but I can’t put it into words.

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