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861 July 22 Creating things to make your body react

G: Mmm. Ok, I’ve got a very clear waterfall to start with. It’s not a normal waterfall. It’s from a cartoon book. There’s a cartoon monkey there and cartoon trees. It’s the sort of thing you find for a 6-year old’s book. Like Tarzan in the jungle or something. So the whole thing is not real, it’s fake.


Spirit: So, what they want to talk about is how they can create fake scenarios to get the body to react, or to get the group to react in a specific way. As an example, you just saw what you thought was a baby bird outside. It turned out to be a piece of plastic. So if we were to arrange that so it looked like a baby bird, then we would get you to react in a way that you were concerned about it. But you get the idea.


S: That’s what we do to… exactly like children. That’s why we create. It’s like, what we do for children to generate and create something for them. Make them see something so that they believe it’s a “x” and on it goes. Just like a movie.


Spirit: Yeah.


S: But for big people. 


Spirit: Well, you have to create certain things for the change. And you’ve been looking at changing things using the energy that you have. What that energy does is obviously make the people react in different ways.


But then another way to do it is to show them a different scenario so their energy will change. So as an example, let’s just take the Russian war. Russia is on one side; Ukraine is on the other. And if the Russians started waving a flag, the Ukrainians would all be ecstatic. They won the war and their energy would change. Their group energy would be so much more powerful. So that’s just a very good example. So we need to actually show them a white flag. We can let them see what they perceive to be a white flag. Even if it’s mistaken later. That’s how we can change the energy in a group.


S: Yeah, it raises the vibration. Yeah.


Spirit: Yeah, it does.


S: So it’s not very…yeah, ok. So it’s bringing about… it’s showing an energy that can bring about hope, raise the vibrational level.


Spirit: It can do a lot of things. It’s the end result of counts.


S: Yes.


Spirit: As long as you don’t get there through devious means, it’s the end result that counts.


S: Yes, exactly.


Spirit: You know everything is fine.


S: Yes. that’s what I’m saying. You are not lying and it’s not falsity. It’s something there that is for the positive to raise the vibrational levels.


S: Correct. The way you’ll be using this an awful lot is in different extreme religions. They believe so much in their religion and all you’ve got to do is put a couple of chinks in their armor and they will suddenly start thinking, well maybe it’s not quite right or maybe there’s a possibility of this that and the other.


Those are the ones that you would end up working on. We would end up changing what they see and what they see as a group. Because you only have to change a small amount and they will change the rest.


S: So, for example, I could just imagine spirit guides standing behind me and shining a huge vibration while I’m talking to them or something like that?


Spirit: Yeah. So they would perceive you to be a different god than the one they’re worshipping or whatever. Somewhere along those lines.


S: Okay.


Spirit: So there’s lots of subtle ways of doing it. And like you said, there’s no lying, there’s no cheating. It’s just being a little bit devious, what counts is the end result. It’s the end results that counts.


We do this with children a little bit as they’re growing up in the first 10, 12, 14 years. The way they perceive things to be, if they have a special lesson in life and they’re going off the rails at an early age, we like them to concentrate specifically on something. We can use this example of changing what they see and changing what they think. And it’s just a matter of showing them something a little bit different. And their minds at that age are very …..


S: Adaptable.


Spirit: Yes, very much so. So it’s quite easy for them to change and get back on the right path. Keep them on the right path.

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