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864 Colors for laughter and happiness

Spirit: Okay. I think we’ve had pretty much enough of all these energies over the last few weeks. You’ve learnt an awful lot about energies. There is more to learn, but let me finish off today with a more enjoyable one. Some of the colours that you’ll be getting very shortly that you can use are colours for simply laughter and happiness. And these are what you can put into, first of all, groups where there is, …in this house, as an example, there’s a lot of cold energy here because of the people and what’s happening and so on. And you’ll be able to put a colour in here which will invoke laughter and happiness and more tranquility and so on.

And people will change, and it doesn’t take too much to get them to start changing. A little bit more conversation, happy conversation, a little bit more lightheartedness, and a lot of things can change.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So that’s going to be very enjoyable to play with, and what is even better than that is when you do the same thing to children. Now you’ll have this ability. And this will also help adults. Let’s just say that you have a group of mothers and children, and the mothers are all discussing whatever it is, and it becomes a very heavy discussion. It’s something which could lead to a lot of problems, and you want to stop that. What you can do is give the children a burst of happy colours. So they just start rolling around and laughing and entertaining the grown-ups and just change the whole atmosphere very quickly. And the concentration is suddenly changed from the problem that they had to the children. And happiness is very effective.


S: Yes.


Spirit: And you can do similar things with animals. You know what happy dogs are like. Dogs are always very loyal, and you can see with your dogs when they’re really happy and so on. And again, you can put that energy into a group of animals, or just into your own pets, etc. If they pick up a lot of bad energy and they’re down, off-color, etc., you can do the same thing.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Okay. I think we’ve had enough of energies and emotions for some time now, so I’m going to take a break and get onto a different subject when we start again. We’re going to give you a couple of days off. You’ve got a lot of things to catch up on.


S: Yes, I love that.


Spirit: And we will come and visit and talk again very soon.


S: Thank you.


Spirit: Thank you. And good night.


S: And good night.

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