Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

865 Jul 22 Mountains storing AUTOMATED energy for the change

G: And straight away, we have huge mountains, big waterfall. Now, the mountains are over two layers. One layer, the bottom layer, has a waterfall. And behind that is the top layer. I can’t see a waterfall there. I’m quite a distance away. So, this is huge. And this is, again, symbolic.


The mountain at the top is the other side. And the mountain with the waterfall is Earth and the new energy pouring into Earth.


S: Mmm.


G: Just to say it’s controlled by the guides on the other side. Although we have free will, etc, etc. Very nice, very nice picture. But there’s got to be more to it, because there always is.


Now, as I go forward, I’m going straight forward towards the waterfall. On either side of me is mountain. And the mountains are suddenly changing into lots of different colours, which I know is energy. We know it’s stored there; we know there’s a whole variety there. But we know it also can be just a grain of sand because spirit can increase the size to whatever they need.


What the sizes are, what they’re showing me is… It’s a bit like… It’s very similar. It’s the maximum that’s ever been used at any one time. It’s like, if you keep a stock of whisky in your bar, the stock is X number of bottles. This is the same sort of thing. This is why the mountain is all these colours. It’s X amount of different colours. So that’s like a standard stock of what they need. Now, they are saying, this is for the automated side, because so much simple stuff is automated where it doesn’t have to change. There doesn’t need to be any extra but’s or thought about it. It’s just a simple change has to happen.


I’ll give you an example of trout coming upstream, laying eggs, etc. That’s one type of energy and it’s stored. So that’s all automated. That’s why in the mountains, a lot of stuff is automated and everything happens as it should be. Only when things get out of sync, or there’s one huge disaster or whatever, do we have to step in and make any changes.


You won’t be using any of this information. It’s just good for you to know. So I’m just sort of showing you.


S: Yeah.













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