Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

866 Chatting to spirit as to how the new era will unfold (Part 1)

Spirit:  Now let’s just go to the top of the mountain. We’ll go to the top of the waterfall. And we’ll just look over the top and you can see a river like you’ve seen before with the waterfall on your Earth, that we started with. So as we look over the top, we can see the waterfall going right back to the mountain, right back. And on either side is plains. And these plains are pretty much empty.


OK, because nothing has been decided yet. So this is just the way we see it. We know that energy has to be created to be sent down this path and instructions for all sorts of things, not just energy. We have to work on memories and send the right sort of information down to reconstruct and rebuild and so on and so on. When we look at the plain like this, it’s just empty. There’s nothing there. And that’s because as the change gets closer to being finalised and you start to need information, new memories, etc, only then will that start to fill up. That will then seep into the water, into the waterfall and then come down the waterfall and then continue on the journey through your Earth, as you’ve seen before.  So that’s simply how we see it.


S: It’s like new cupboards.


Spirit: Yeah. And we don’t know until it’s happening because of freewill.


S: Because of freewill, yeah.


Spirit: Yeah. So then it’s easy to produce what is needed. Now, besides the energy, that’s all we’ve been really looking at, is the energy coming down and the different energies, but there’s also memories. Memories are the most important to rebuild the correct way. Where you’ve grown a garden and it hasn’t turned out right, you simply don’t want to do the same thing again. So you need the memories of the mistakes you made. And then you’ve got the memories of the positiveness as well, the positive things that have happened.


And don’t forget, everybody is learning on every level. So whereas we have, let’s just say, one person looking after Earth and the growing and evolving of the whole species, they have to learn and make mistakes and they have to guess what energies and memories to put in, etc. Because that’s the only way they will learn and they will evolve and they will reach the next level. So everybody is overseeing all of these things now.


Now, there is obviously more than one person. One person can tap into an awful lot of memories and an awful lot of history and all other spirits who’ve had experience at different levels and sometimes on different planets. So it makes sense to get as much information as you can to actually correct what you’re doing.


Now, you’ve also seen or heard, we’ve told you about, how we can go to different planets and gather information depending on how a species is evolving. And for instance, a species without any emotion like you had the other night. So we see how everybody else is doing and then see how that information can fit in here. So at this level, we don’t necessarily have to go and experience on a different planet. We can actually absorb that information very quickly and then start to use it to grow this particular planet the best way that we know how.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So the evolving, again we think of it as caveman all the way up to God. But as you get to a certain level, this planet won’t need to go back to caveman days anymore. It will go back to maybe 5th century, 10th century, whatever is needed. So that’s where people start. And they start to evolve at that particular level. We never need caveman days again because we’ve got the hang of that. Sorted it out.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now, there are a lot of,… you were saying earlier on about women are far more perceptive than men. And that’s quite right. Over here we have a lot of women doing specific jobs. You assume that everybody over here, the way you see Spirit, is you see the majority as being men. And that’s not quite right because over here everybody is basically both, or have been both. Or in their current learning stage they might be male or female, or other. Lol.


S: Yeah.


Spirit:  So it’s just a way that you assume, it’s a way you were assuming the other day what happens when you cross over. You all cross over the same, it’s not, it’s all different.





So the people up here, souls up here, are all different as well. There’s a whole variety. But there’s not a single man or woman or other unless it’s for a specific purpose. To finish off a specific lesson or to teach somebody on a different planet, different species or whatever. They need to be one or the other. Now if you take your mother, she’ll always be female as far as you’re concerned. And when you do, eventually cross over, that’s who you will see. But as you progress from there, you will see her in all the different possible bodies, if you like.


S: Forms, yeah.


Spirit:  It’s going to be, yeah, that’s a bit of a mission. But it’s something that you will handle very easily once you understand what it’s like over there. When you get there, it’s actually pure love and you understand exactly what’s gone on. So it’s exactly the same as when you’re over there. You can look back on all the mistakes you made on Earth and say, well, okay, there were mistakes, but that’s all they were, there’s nothing wrong with that. Everybody makes mistakes and that’s how they learn, so.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, you see there’s nothing wrong with those mistakes, so you just enjoy. So… Now I’ll show you a little bit more about farther up the ladder. It’s something that you won’t need to know, or you don’t need to know, or you won’t need to use at any stage, but it’s good that you understand, see the bigger picture getting farther up.

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