Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

869  Sharon gets closer to her animal guide

G: Sharon, you’ve got this big arena to your right, to my left. This is something which we create most nights when we do meditation. This big open area so we can bring people in. You’ve got your big cat.


Who basically wants to just get a bit closer and just make contact with you. Gives you some energy. I’m not sure, but you will see. So I’m just going to sit here quietly. And let you connect with your cat for a little bit and then we can carry on from there. 


I feel this energy, like tingling energy all around my left shoulder. All the way up. And then it went up. And then I was focusing, my mind was going to certain things. And then I felt the tingling all over the top of my head.


G: I’ve been watching tiny colours floating around your face. Energy.


S: And then I could just see energy. And then there was energy that like moved away and turned around and then was just trying to become a face. Not quite crystal clear, but just ….


G: That’s excellent. That’s how you start. So, the next time that happens just do exactly the same thing again. Just relax and let it happen.


S: Yeah.


G: That’s good.


S: That was beautiful.


G: Now you’ve got tingling on your face and shoulder. It’s been there. It’s easier for them to get in again and do the same thing.


S: Yeah. That was so nice. And the cat. So I can feel this like humming in that area for a while. I think that should be this much bigger. And I feel it’s like that. It stands on my foot. I want to look down and see if you’ve got your foot on me. It always does that. It stands on my foot. And then we’ll brush against the other leg.


G: Okay.


S: It always stands on my foot. I’m here.


G: That’s good. Hmm. Yeah, you were well away there.


S: That was so nice.

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