Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

870  July 2022 Geoff’s past lives

G:  And we have got a fun fair and a merry go round.


S: Can we go? Can we go? Lol.


G: Lol. And they’ve got those horses that go up and down, which you would enjoy. We’re about to get off. So I get off, walk down a path. There’s a long stone bridge with water either side, and I go into the other side and it’s a big forest, very, very dark green leaves. It’s darkish inside, but nice, nice atmosphere, nice energy, and it’s just very big and very, I expected it to be dark and dismal, but it’s not. It’s just the opposite. It’s very comfortable inside. Very spacious. But it’s all very dark green. So a strange beginning. Let’s see what that means.


S: Mmm.


G: Okay, the merry go round is some form of celebration. Walking down a long path means it’s a bit longer to go.


I’ve just walked across the river and suddenly it’s dried up completely. I’ve gone into the forest, and the forest is fine. Come out the other side and there is the sea and cliffs, not too big. And nobody around. All very peaceful.


I’ve started to say maybe I went into this too quick and then they said no, it’s quite right. So from the beach and the cliff, I’ll go down into the water. Swim around a bit. There’s fish. Then I come up and then there’s like a 17th century scene with lots of,… going down a lane, there is houses on the left. And now comes a field, with lengths of ships either side.


Ah, these are my past lives.


S: Oh my word. And you’re going like through them.


G: Gees. Ok, the merry-go-round. That was the past lives debate. So it’s been a long road to get to this stage.


S: Okay.


G: So in the beginning it was lots of, darkness and so on. I had lives with mom going back to literally caveman days.


S: Yeah.


G: We had times where we were both in one village and she was teaching and she was teaching, shaman stuff, witchcraft sort of thing. And I was a healer. Lots of other lives going down this lane. That could be a lot of things. I’ve had a couple of lives there. We were in Sterling Castle together in a village below that, and then there was a field, the ships in the 17th century. I died of syphilis. Lol. So, a good life though. Lol.


S: Mm-hmm. Lol.


G: And, now, this afternoon, funny enough, they said…  I got some sort of burst of nice energy, this happy feeling, and they said, no, tonight’s going to be nice. And I was expecting something nice, but, but not this. Anyway, so, all the lives that I’ve had to date, and there are lots of them and I’ve had them a lot with Verna, a lot with others.


And, okay, so at this point we’re now going to start teaching properly.


I’ve got mom clapping saying That’s right because she was involved in a lot of this stuff. So, mom showing herself above us, so she’s going to be helping us doing what we’re doing, which we know.

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