Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

871  Spiritual armor for Sharon

Now I’ve got you on the side of a hill. So imagine a forest and it’s got a big hill leading down to a river, but it’s a very big slope. And the slope, suddenly there’s a huge clearing, and you are sat in the middle of that clearing, sort of halfway down this slope. Looking out over trees, streams, valleys, et cetera, all very comfortable.


But in a circle surrounding you, probably 20 feet away from you, in a huge circle; there’s these like, it looks like giant teeth coming out of the ground. And they’re not teeth, they’re defense, armament, protection,…. protection. Okay. Protection, right, because you’ll be carrying on this a lot longer than me.


And, what you’ll be involved with is a lot.. it will be a lot more than me in the end. A lot higher level. Now many years ago, I remember going into a meditation where I was given armor. It was just, if you ever get into a situation where you have to work with the dark side or whatever, you can put this armor on.


It’s symbolic in a way because we know we are totally safe, using white light, etc.


S: Mm-hmm.


G: But there are, what it does is it protects you against negative energies. Ne negative energies can affect you. You know, you imagine being surrounded by a group of miserable people.


S: Yeah.


G: That will affect you.


So the armor protects you that particular way. Now you’ll be dealing with a hell lot of forest energies, nature, energies. That’s all part of what you’ll be doing. Besides teaching to groups of people and all this sort of thing, you’ll be canvasing a lot of nature energies, because you’ve gotta get things balanced. That’s why. And so where there is … I’m trying to think of where there is negative in nature, but I can’t see negativity.


So what are they defending you or protecting you from?


S: You don’t think that’s just in general. And then the nature energy is what I will use to balance out the energy or energies.


G: So, yeah, nature is where you go for your peace.


S: Mm-hmm.


G: That’s right. So when you’re in nature’s energy, when you’re getting your peace, you’re totally protected from everything that you’ve been dealing with. You can forget that, put it on one side, so you are ready to be content and recharge in nature. That’s right.


S: Mmm.


G: So, That’s very good. That’s your protection. So, when you’re doing your heavy work, you’re able to do the heavy work, but you’re able to rest nicely as well in between. Yep, that’s right. Okay. When you do rest nicely, there’s going to be other spirits there as well and they’re going to be, coming to you, doing very similar work to you, and when you take a break, you can do it together or separately, but when you do it together, What you get is, is this, it’s a different sort of energy.


It’s not a love for somebody. Imagine meeting another Sharon who or another, Geoff or another mom who thinks the same way as you do and does the right sort of thing and helps exactly the same level as you and so on. What you feel for them is not admiration or whatever. It’s sort of a kinship.


S: Mm-hmm.


G: That you can relate to, that you understand, and you both understand each other and so on. So they’re going to be those sorts of people.


S: Mm-hmm.


G: And, so you will all help in groups. And, of course none of you will have your ego or whatever, you’ll all benefit each other, support each other, and so on. So that’s all very nice. All, very comfortable.


Now, there’s lots of animals there too. And this is also part of your relaxation. You are forgetting all the work you’ve been doing, et cetera., you are relaxing with all these animals. So, imagine having like a thousand Brunos (Pet healing dog) there or just a few Brunos or whatever. And you can relate to all these animals and you can connect with them, converse with them.


And nature diva’s as well and all sorts. It’s the opposite to what the work you’ll be doing. You’ll be working with people and negative energies, bringing out positive energies, and to escape from all of that, you go into the woods, into nature, into animals.


S: Let go of the Negative and take in the positive.


G: Yeah. Very comfortable. Very nice. Mmm, so, a nice scenario there.

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