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873 Learning how to channel

G: Okay. I think you have to do what you were doing last night. Imagine the big space on your Right. Invite your guide in. And you can also, if you want to, link it up to that place we were looking at, just now.


Go there on the side of the mountain. And just relax there and look out over, because what you’re looking out over is a huge area, a huge expense of, you know, water, mountains, valleys, all sorts of things. Same behind you.


So just relax there. See if your guide will just make himself or herself known, and just going to leave you there for a little while to enjoy it. And then, you come out when you’re ready.


S: It was much more than last night. First I got pussy cat around my left leg. But before you said anything, I could feel this pull here already. And then I think I can sense that it’s female and it’s she’s female. But right, like up against, it’s kind of feels sticky. Sticky’s not the right word, but it’s like sticky energy.


It’s like, I don’t know how to describe it.


G: Thicker energy.


S: Yes. Thicker.


G: Okay.


S: So into like this, just the side of my head. So then I was pushing my head into it to try and, and then pulling it out so I could really feel the difference.


G: Okay.


S: And then I could put my head right in. So this whole half of the head was like right in and then I pull it away.


And then they came or she came like with it. So it was like sort of half the face, the half the front of the face, on the side of the head that I could really, really feel it.


G: Good.


S: So it’s much more than what I felt yesterday.


G: Right. We do the same every night. And what you’ll feel, eventually she will move right in and then you can feel it on your shoulders, down your arms, to your hands and everything, and you just buzz.


S: Yeah.


G: And that’s how you learn how to channel. And you are right, it is a female. It is a she.


S: Yeah. It is a she. Lol.


G: I was going to tell you about that at the beginning. And they said, no, you’ve gotta figure that out.


S: Mm-hmm. And I was adamant it was male. But like you said yesterday, we always surmise the guides are male.

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