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874 July 2022 Our spiritual house to build a foundation

G: Mmm, ok. I’ve got a very nice house in an orchard. It’s very peaceful, etc. Etc. And the window’s got lace curtains hanging down. And that’s where we’re going to go through, that small window. And inside, everything is white again. Now we had our mansion as being white.


S: Yeah.


G: We only filled up one room with colour, so this is a house, so, I think this is our starting point, this is where we are at. We will be, very very shortly, because we haven’t got to that peace section yet. So the house itself is just ideal for you, me and Aiden. It’s three bedrooms, very comfortable, not too big. It’s got this beautiful orchard outside, surrounded by trees and forest and all sorts. Spiritually very very harmoniously peaceful.


But we’re not there yet, we’re still standing in the road, looking at the orchard. So, we’ve got roads going either side of the orchard, and the house is right in the middle. So this I think is our next step. We’re going to start here, and as it expands, then we’ll move over to the mansion. That’s what it feels like.


Now, the place where the house is, is also somewhere I’ve been before. This is where I used to live in Woodlands, and I think I’ve told you about the house in the middle of the forest, which is an orchard and all these plum trees and so on.


S: Yeah.


G: And it’s there, you know, when I was there there was only ruins left. And this is like a modern version of that house. But it’s exactly the same, in exactly the same place, the trees are the same and so on. That’s how I recognized it. And the roads either side are the same as well, come to think of it.


So that’s waiting for us. We have to do something beforehand. So what I’ll do is I’ll walk back up the road. Now this is very interesting. Very. A few months ago, Mom said, I was doing a meditation. Somebody came and channeled through me and said we’re going to go down this very dark path, and then there’s light at the end of the tunnel. That dark path, I’ve just remembered it now. When I used to go into this forest, the first thing I went through was this long avenue of trees. And it was very spooky. And then you come out the other side and then there’s the orchard and so on. And I often used to run down there because it was trees on either side and you couldn’t see anything. There was bush on the side and you couldn’t see anything. And the rest of the forest was trees and you could see them all. So that was a scary part. Interesting.


So anyway, I’ve walked back up to there and we’re through the dark patch. We’re just walking down the path to the house. So we’ve only got a little bit farther to walk. It’s fine. No nasties there. The road is just sand and stone, nothing…. it’s just a pathway. There’s nothing to stop us walking directly up to the house, which is where we’re at at the moment.


So the financial side, we’re sort of leaving behind. I’m not sure how that’s going to happen. But it will. And then the next few weeks, maybe two or three weeks, four weeks maybe, is finding the path. Finding the right path to work, what we’ve got to do work wise.


They’re showing me a garden either side of the road. And there’s lots of different colored flowers, shrubs, bushes, vegetables, fruits, all sorts of things, either side. It’s just one of everything sort of thing. And what that means is we’ve got to look at all the different possibilities to decide which is the best for us. So it’s good for us to understand all the possibilities, instead of us just going straight there and jumping in and so on. So that’s what we’re learning at the moment.


So, I’ve got a woman here, who’s, let me see, she doesn’t seem to be my mother, but does in a way. She’s a sort of mother figure I think. She seems to be in charge of the house, in charge of this particular section of our life and what we’re going to do. And she’s not stern, but she’s disciplined. She’s watching us walk down the road and she’s saying, okay, this is what you have to do and you get here and it’s all going to be fine and so on. So she’s just basically looking out for us.


S: Yeah, but it kind of makes sense, we need to find our feet first because otherwise we just jump from the pot into the frying pan.


G: Yeah too true.


S: So we need that foundation first.


G: So that is very nice. Now, outside of this house, as we’re facing the house to my left, there’s a big lake. It’s about the same size as one of the lakes at Palm Lakes. I went there and I went to fish, it was all chock-a-block with weeds. But it was just a natural lake and I don’t know if that means anything. No, not really, okay.


There’s a well in the orchard and the well is a well of truth. Now, I’ve also seen this before. And what you do is when you’re unsure about something, you go to the well, you sit next to the well, and it will tell you which is the truth. It won’t tell you which way to go, it will tell you which is the truth and which is not. So, also very interesting.


I walk around the garden, lots of colours coming up, lots of flowers, lots of energies, very comfortable. There’s a sheep dog, there’s a brown dog, kitty cats. And it’s a very comfortable home, very nice.


Now, it’s in the middle of nowhere, but that makes no difference. It’s…


S: the energy.


G: Yeah, our energy, our security, our going home to bed place. That’s where we’re working from. Okay, this dimension is totally different, what we do in this dimension is different. But the spiritual work that we’ll be doing, we will be sort of living in that house, if you like, working from there, keeping energies there and memories and all sorts of things. So that’s going to be our sanctuary, that’s the word. So, this side of life will sort itself out, that’s not too serious. And our sanctuary is our beginning place, that’s how we begin to connect to people and teach the way we want to.


I think connecting to people is important in the beginning, because that also creates a foundation. And as you’ve been told before, you need the foundation, you need the right people, to pass on to the right people.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So having this as your foundation is ideal, it’s a good starting point. And you must just find the right people, which you will do, and they’ll start to spread the word themselves. What you’re going through at the moment is just a matter of finding your feet, finding which is the right direction to go. And what we wanted to do is let you see all the aspects, all the possibilities, and have the failures that go with them, just so that you can work out which is the right way to go, and be content with that, or be satisfied with your decision of going in that direction, and not having to wonder if that was the right direction.


And once it starts, of course then it just expands quite quickly, because once you know you’re going in the right direction, it’s just a matter of walking down that road, and it just gets better and better. And every day, you walk a little bit farther, it gets a bit more exciting and you look forward to it more and it expands a little more, and there’s more excitement every day, and you just carry on going down that road. That’s how you grow to be able to teach all the different things that we are showing you, which you’ll be able to do.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: Now, there are a lot of other people going down the road as well. What we’re doing now is we’re going down the road past this house. And the house you always come back to until you’re ready to move to the mansion. And going down the road at the moment on either side are people in horse and carriages, for example. And that just means there will be people on different levels, that are going in the same direction as you, but will be working on different levels. Because everybody has to work on some level.


All of us that are teaching, have to work on some particular level, like the level that you’re working on, you know what it is.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: Right, what I’m seeing now is a bit of a stepping stone, which is quite good. So, we sort of move into this house, spiritually, and then we go out each day and we do whatever work we’re doing, etc. And when we come across stumbling blocks, we simply go back to the house. And once we get over these, not stumbling blocks so much, as new tasks which we’re not sure how to do, much bigger ones, etc., so it takes a bit of time. And we can go back to the house, and it’s a bit like having security. You know, if you could right now go back and live with your parents, for example, because you’re short of money. Same sort of thing, so you can go back to the house at any stage.


And once we’ve got over that, we’ve mastered all these things, only then do we move into the mansion, and that is just a natural progression. And there we have much more, many more helpers, followers, people joining us, and so on. We progress and it’s all very nice.

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