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876 Jul 2022 Sharon starting to sense her Guide “E “

S: Pussycat has got a very calming energy.

G: Your guide, I’ve seen him for the third time. The name, or whatever it is, begins with an E.

I’ve seen a very big capital E three times in the last three meditations.

S: I can feel her all over my face now.

G: Good.

S: I’ve got an energy of my arm being patted down and squeezed. Something like that. I feel light.


G: You know you have access to a lot of energy and a lot of emotions, colours, all sorts of things. So you can use that to invite her in. What colour do you feel she is? Just a general colour? It might not be very distinct yet. I can see all around your head. I can see all the energy around there. Above your head, either side. Coming down on your shoulders. Then your right arm.


Try and make your mind blank. And just see if she can put in one little picture for you.

I want you to try one more thing. Just make everything around you, in front of you, surrounding you, yellow. Yellow is spiritual connection. And it just might help you to see the first little thing. It might be an eye, an ear, forehead, hair, anything.


Okay, the last thing for tonight, I just want you to close all your centers. From the head, right down to the base.

And when you’ve done that,  you can come out of it.


What did you see? Smallest things.


S: Nothing at first. Just blank, blank, blank. Then I thought I saw a flower and the flower suddenly became a bouquet and then I was handing a flower out to everybody. But then I was like, who are they? And then they were gone. And I was like, okay. And then I was trying to see which flower and I couldn’t. I couldn’t see what type of flower or… So then my mind started kicking in. So I was like, okay, that’s not important.


Okay, tomorrow I’ll take you somewhere. We’ll do some guided meditation. I’ll take you somewhere and leave you. And all you do is you just blank your mind and look just around you. Just sense close by you, around you. Nothing else. Try that.

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