Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

882 August 22 Teaching the right things, people will follow

G: Okay. The first thing I got was in a shop that sells car parts. And it’s rows and rows of different car parts. And they are saying that these are parts for all different cars, and a car is a beautiful looking thing, but all these parts put it together.

Then they are showing me, like a Chinese supermarket. They’re not like the modern ones, they’re like a tea room. It’s very, very packed and so on. They’re very industrious people, they make their sales there.

And then I got a coil of, like a hose pipe on a coil that rolls up. And what they’re saying is, you sort of expected something like, for what we’re doing with the spiritual dictionary, I expected something which was more modern, updated, etc.

They’ve got stuff which is old and neat, well primitive, behind in their thinking, not tidied up enough yet.

Very bitty things, so it’s not going to be what I imagined. What I asked them early on was just to tell me what’s going on work wise, just to sort of understand. So that’s what they’re saying, it’s still very primitive in its thinking, it’s still behind the times in a way, not accepted enough.

It’s not just accepted by the majority of the population, it’s the spiritual people themselves that are not accepting all the changes, now especially the changes as we’ve seen just recently. We can accept them, to accept that, but all the other basic things that we’ve learnt over the years, a lot of them just seem to be so far behind that, they seem to have got stuck in one particular position.

For example, they just do readings and that’s it. Another one just does crystals and that’s it. Nobody is really teaching like we are, and that’s what we must focus on, is the teaching aspect. We don’t need all the frills and bits and pieces to go with it, we just need to teach the right things and people will follow. Because we’ll get a name for teaching the right things, a place to go and learn.

OK, they’re saying, yes, that’s quite right. And what they’re showing there is a lot of classrooms, and classrooms are sort of under the huge tarpaulins, the sort of stuff you’d find in the middle of the jungle, in a third world country, and they say, that’s the sort of level you’re going to be teaching at, compared to what you thought it was.

S: Mmm.


G: So, okay, we can understand that. Now they’re showing me that, this is symbolic in a way, it’s about the growth. If we teach them one thing, for instance, what happens when you cross over, it’s not just a few people that want to know, it’s hundreds of people that want to know, there’s a line of them all waiting to learn. So you just get that out there and that then starts to spread, and then you take the next line and the next line. All you have to do is promote that. It’s an ideal situation when you think about it, because every day you’ll be learning more, and every day you’ll be able to teach more. All you have to do is, every day, put that next line out there, the next words of encouragement and so on.


S: That’s true, so not a spiritual workshop, but actually just a workshop, let’s have an hour’s discussion, have a tea party, about what happens when you cross over as an example.


G: Yeah, they just need that information, and people will go out there and they will teach, but they need the basic foundation to learn from, and they need to learn the right way. And get that out there.


Whatever you teach, anyway, is going to be changed, adapted, modified, as people learn, teach, and exaggerate, and it’s just a natural process that must happen, unfortunately. But at least you’re getting the right information out there to start with, and that’s the most important part.


What will be enjoyable for you is, you won’t have to think any more about what should I do, how should I do it, how do you make the next rent and so on. Once it starts to grow, and it’ll just grow steadily and nicely, then you can relax. And then, as we said earlier, you have the faith in us to look after you, this is the direction you must go in, so every day it’s going to be so nice for you. And we’ve made it that way so that you will be very content and satisfied, and therefore able to tune in so much better, so much quicker, and get so much more information, and understand the information that we give you.


So, just a little bit longer, and it will all start to happen, trust me, you will get there and we’ll get both of you there very comfortably. And then you can just start to enjoy life and do what you chose to do. So, your new guide “E” Shan, she senses that you, she understands, not senses, that mornings are very good for you, she understands the cold. And she says, you can lie in bed when you get up, and it’s cold. Lying in bed half asleep, it’s the ideal time for her to come in and introduce herself and get comfortable with you and you with her, etc.


S: Mmm.


G: And she said just let it flow, it just comes better and better every day.


S: Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.


G: And when it’s sunny again, you can go out on the balcony, and I will be there.


S: Thank you.

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