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883 Sharon to work with plants, nutrition and Divas

Spirit: There is one avenue that you’re going to go into, Shan, which you’ve had so much experience so far, but we’re going to teach you a lot more about growing things, vegetables, plants, nutrition, and so on.


S: Mmm. I’ve got a yearning; I can’t get it out of my mind.


Spirit: Because, now that you understand how all the energies work, imagine how you’re going to be able to grow a garden, and just through thoughts you’ll be able to use those energies to create the plants that you want, that’s what you’re going to teach. But that’s going to be, in a while’s time you must start off just getting people together and so on, and then you’ll expand into that. When you’re going to expand into that, it’s like you were saying the other evening, as the earth changes over the next decade, there’s going to be more and more demand for people to grow things at home, and this is the ideal time for you to get it out there and teach the people that you have, not new people. Your followers, that’s the way you do it, and they will listen and they will grow and that will do an awful lot of good. So, you will enjoy that.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: Now also, what you have, this is very unusual, that you understand the divas, the nature spirits, and you communicate with them before you see them, and so on. And they are going to be working with you. But on a scale that hasn’t really been done before, it’s simply because you have that connection, and you’re good at what you do, and you can understand exactly how it all works, and the energies, how they work and how you will work, and so it’s going to be a very enjoyable scenario for you to work with these divas in your garden and also teaching the people, because they will be teaching you and you will be teaching the people.


S: Shew. That’s beautiful.


Spirit: That is so nice. I’ve just seen them and they are all sort of waiting on one side and they’re looking a bit like little minions. So cute, so precious. Of course, the clarity that you’ll get through them is very good, because they talk as a group mind as well, so you’ll be able to convert them very nicely with them and get things very clear and know exactly what you have to do. Because most of what scientists have done, they’ve looked at it from a scientific point of view, from cloning and regrowing and all this sort of thing, and they haven’t looked at the energies in a plant and the colours in a plant and all the other variations that can be done, they’ve only looked at it from a scientific point of view.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: There’s much, much more. And it’s like with a human body where you get down to the DNA and atoms and nuclei and so on, it’s exactly the same as the plants, but this hasn’t been looked at. And that’s one thing that you will have a big advantage over, over anyone else.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: So that’s very good. That’s all I need to tell you tonight.


S: It’s exciting.


Spirit: Yes. All they really want to do is just put your mind at rest. It’s okay, I know it’s a struggle at the moment, but it’s okay. It will be okay and so on. And you’ve got something nice and happy to look forward to which is working with plants growing and working with divas.


S: Absolutely.


Spirit: So I’m going to leave you there and have a very good evening and good night.


S: Goodnight and Thank you.  

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