Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

885 Aug 22 Sharon and the Peacock

G: Right: I’ve got a peacock.


S: A peacock.


G: Mmmm.. Peacock, plain colours like dark green and dark blue.  I’ve been doing a lot of going back to places I’ve lived before in the last few weeks of meditations. And this is another one, this peacock. You know where Brownsea Island is?


S: Mmm.


G: That’s where I saw this peacock. So why would it be there? When I went to Brownsea Island on this particular time, the guy I used to see, one of my friends, I don’t know, I was about 13,14, around there, his sister’s boyfriend was a gamekeeper in Brownsea Island. He took us out to the middle of Brownsea Island and we shot a squirrel because they were vermin. We wandered around on the other side, there was nothing there. Nothing really to see, except this peacock.


Right, peacock with all the glamour and whatever. And then you’ve got the two colours of green and the blue. Green you can relate to nature, besides being a heart colour. That relates to nature and blue is the throat center, talking etc.


S: It’s got almost this indigo colour to it as well, it’s like the feather.


G: Yeah, very true. So what they’re showing me is you in the middle of this very quiet forest. So you’ve got this beautiful thing right in the middle of a very big empty forest. So it’s you sort of doing your thing quietly, teaching, sort of without being center stage, somewhere along those lines.

Or it could be just the opposite. Okay, we fill it with people instead of trees. And yeah, you’re a popular person.


S: Lol.


G: Lol.


Spirit: Okay, you’ll be, you’ll have centers like this, where you’ll be learning. You’ll be learning a lot of other things, you’ll be learning things in astral as well as going into meditation and learning with experience on this life, but you’ll be going to a lot of centers which you create yourself and also spirit will create them for you,  where you can go to a nice quiet peaceful centre where you can sit and learn, you can sit and simply absorb more.


You will have, surrounding you are all these different colours of energy, nature and so on and so on. All the stuff that you need. Because you’ll be using so much material, which you’ve already been told several times, and you know that you have access to all this energy and material, but you won’t necessarily need to understand everything that goes on because we’ll do whatever’s necessary when we need you to do your stuff, healing, etc. So, this morning when you were first of all awake and wanting to meditate and so on, that’s a typical time when we can take you to another peace centre and just allow you to, fill you with a certain energy that you need or some information that you need for the work that you’ll be doing very shortly after that. So just let it go with the flow in the morning. Sometimes it will happen, sometimes it won’t, sometimes it will just be in astral.


S: Mmmm.


Spirit:  But you’ll get to feel, but all you can say is just go with it and enjoy it, I know you will.


S: Mmmm.


Spirit: So that’s what that means.


S: Awesome.


G: Now, they are showing me, you leaving Brownsea Island and you sort of fly out of Brownsea Island, you fly way over to the Far East somewhere, and you’re just working at a level above, and you’ll have these peace centres, if you like, dotted all over that whole world. Because where you travel is not going to make any difference to you, because you can travel there instantly through Astral and so on. So it’s just the way they’re showing me that it’s all these different places. And I think, all that means is you get this huge variety of different things wherever it’s needed. And if you remember we’ve already done some work in Russia and then we did some in some other place recently where….


S: China.


G: China, yes. China is another one. So you’ll be doing those sorts of things, so it won’t be so far-fetched, if you like, when you get to experience those sorts of things again. And as you already know, you go up the ladder one step at a time, so the smaller things we can show you, the more you can accept the next level up the ladder.


S: That’s true.


Spirit: So, that will be very nice for you.


G: Now one thing I’m finding amazing is, I can talk and then this guide takes over and butts in and help answer and so on. I’ve never done it like this before. But you know, I keep having to think, who’s talking? Lol.


S: Lol. I can tell the difference.


G: Yeah, I can when I listen yeah. But it’s so natural, it’s really good. Very nice to do.

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