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887 How Countries will change – South America

South America is very volatile. There are two types of countries in South America. There are very volatile ones. Colombia, for example, where cocaine is grown. And then you get the very peaceful ones, right down at the southern end of South America, where it’s very peaceful, very happy, and nobody’s really concerned, they live day by day.

So you’ve got a nice balance of people, you’ve got the bad guys and you’ve got the good guys, if you like. So they sort of even each other out, help each other out. So where there is a very bad one and the good ones maybe next door will help with the transition and so on. Also what will happen with the very bad ones is we will push them to the limit so that they will basically deteriorate, explode, fall apart so they can see the error of their ways and they can change and they can regrow. And that’s when you need a neighbor who is very good, who will lead them in the right direction, who will help them assist them and so on and get them back on track.


The people, of course, they will be swayed by the government in the beginning but then they will be able to see the governments of next door. So two countries have a disaster and Colombia, for example, will look at their next-door neighbor and the people will see the next-door neighbor as doing the right thing, they are getting back on track and they are doing away with whatever they are doing. And that’s where they will be helped by the next country.


So you can imagine the energy that’s going on in these countries  and the energy that you’ll be spreading, many others are going to be doing exactly the same thing in a particular country. And it’s spreading different types of energy in different countries because they will now be working or conflicting with countries next door to them.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So that is a new aspect, a new level that you haven’t looked at yet.


S: Yeah.

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