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889 How Countries will change – Africa

Spirit: They’re quite happy to live in their own paradise and just exist. They’re quite happy to do that. There’s one more to look at. That is your country, Africa. How do you think this is going to affect the African countries? There’s 50 to 60 of them.



S: Yeah, again there’s a lot of poverty. So much poverty. Again, there’s a lot of contrast.


Spirit: Yes, there is.


S: You’ve either got the upper class or you’ve got those that are just battling. There’s no middle man anymore even. Everyone’s lagging along or you are the upper class. So again, it’s going to have to be those that are used to just sitting back and just hardly doing anything and getting everything. To not have that anymore. And those that are battling along will adjust way easier.


Spirit: Mmm. They will. The wealthy is a very small percentage and the gap is what they have and what the lower levels have. It’s huge.


S: It’s massive.


Spirit: Yeah. So for those on this higher level, they will start to get separated because once they start to lose their money, to lose their domination, their income and so on, their assets, they’re going to start fighting amongst each other. And they will just lose more and more and more.


What will happen as well with your lower classes is they will adjust and they will find ways of getting food, they will have very hard times, etc. But then they will realize that the better way to run a country is not through the domination of these parties and what they’re used to. They’ve had it all their lives, is to share, to help each other. The communities work together and they will dominate and they will overpower the governments. Then you will get a group of people who are used to poverty and suddenly they have two meals a day instead of one and to them that is heaven.


And then they start to expand and then they start to progress and then they start to evolve.

Now also in all your different African countries you have different levels of domination.

In some you get a very strong domination. If you take for instance here in South Africa, your local tribes people are very angry because they’re not getting what they were supposed to get or what they thought they were going to get many years ago.

And yet you get an area like just north of here, Zimbabwe, where you’ve got the same sort of domination but by the African people, not by the white people, the Africans who have been in power for a long time. And yet the people aren’t so angry. They’re used to the new generation; they’re used to living in poverty.

But they haven’t been told that they’re going to get a house, a car, and so on,. as they have in South Africa. So you’ve got this group energy in two different countries, working different ways.

And the group energy grows in each country and expands and goes throughout the country.

Now you’ve got several countries, well many countries in Africa that all have different levels of this domination.

And you’ve got a few countries which are very good, where the leaders are doing the right thing and they’re educating their people and they’re sharing their wealth, but very few.

As the economy hits and the world starts to change, the poorer countries will look at these better countries and they will say, they are doing it right. We have a blueprint to follow. Let’s try that.


S: Yeah. So it’s all about different countries being the example to the other countries, pure and simple.


Spirit: Yes, well and truly. Yes, exactly. So that’s where the lessons come in. The more lessons are learned, the more people learn from them.


S: It’s the same as people. Be the change you want to see. You want to BE like them.


Spirit: Yes, you’re quite right. You’re quite right. Now, there are a lot of areas in Africa where if they were, if the countries were run on a more stable basis, you would have a lot more agriculture.


S: Yeah, productivity.


Spirit:… to grow. Productivity, exactly. And food. Food for everyone. There is enough just in Africa to feed everyone in Africa. No need to import. It’s simply through greed and laziness that people have decided to import instead of growing. Teach the farmers how to grow and they will give you all the food you need. Again with fishing stocks for example. Control that, then you have fish all the time. Same with your cattle stocks and so on. Once it’s looked after properly, there is enough to feed everybody. This is what everyone will have to learn.


S: And you know when it comes to that, it’s like, okay, so we need someone that… people like to be The One to….. So then as people start shining up and showing up, we need hay or we need flour or we need this. People like to be the one that’s, and then that’s a little bit of ego.


Spirit: Yes, unfortunately it is.


S: It is, but that’s what will have people show up as well.


Spirit: Yeah, you’ll get a lot of ego, but you will always have the positive and the negative depending on who is in power. It’s just the positive must overpower the negative.


S: Yeah, and as long as the ego is used for the positive, that’s okay.


Spirit: Yeah. People, the premiers, the presidents and so on will have to earn the respect.

Instead of just being voted in.


S: Yeah. Which is how it should be.


Spirit: Mmmm. I can see several groups forming as well. As you have at the moment, you have, for example, Doctors Without Borders, and you have NATO groups coming together to help each other. And you’re going to get similar sort of things, where you get several countries suddenly starting to work together because they have this…


S: Camaraderie, yeah.


G: So they can all relate to each other.


Spirit: So you get a few countries where they’re all sort of thinking the right way. Let’s say they’re all growing grain successfully. They all share that information and they become a little group. You’ve got various groups forming at the moment for trade relations and so on. It’s going to be the same sort of thing on a far more respectful basis instead of just an agreement with countries because trade makes things better, etc. It’s going to be for the greater good. That’s how these groups will be formed.


And they’ll be able to help new countries as they start to change. Because some will be early, some will be late. And the ones who do change early will be the example for the ones that change at a later stage. I think that is enough from me for one night.


S: That was super awesome, again.


Spirit: There’s no end to the energy levels that you’re learning.


S: No, it’s beautiful.


Spirit: Quite something. So, I shall leave you in peace and say once more good night. 


S: Good night and thank you.

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