Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

890 Rescue from a Norway Rockslide

G: Mmm. It’s a rescue. (Geoff connects with him)

S: Who are you? It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. Breathe. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. You can feel all the energy around you. And you can feel all the love. Just calm down and breathe. Just breathe it out. Breathe. You can see all the energy around you.

Spirit: Yeah. I did. I did. (crying)

S: Okay, what happened? It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s okay, yeah. Okay, it’s okay. You’ve got so much love around you. So much energy around you. And there’s people here to help you. And if you reach out and follow that energy. Follow that love. You will be encompassed with that love. And it will ease what you’re feeling. So just follow that love.

Spirit: But where am I? Where am I?

S: Where were you? What were you doing?

Spirit: You know. I was walking alongside a mountain path. Not steep. Nice. And I’m on my own. Very nice. And then everything was taken away. Everything was in pieces. And I saw pieces of me.


S: Okay, okay, okay. Was it like a rock slide or?


Spirit: I don’t know.


S: Okay, that’s okay. And you know that doesn’t matter. You know that. It doesn’t matter. The thing is that you’re okay. You are okay. And you are so loved. And you can be at peace of…


Spirit: But where? Where do I go?


S: Can you see the energy around you? Can you see the light around you?


Spirit: It’s the same like the path I was walking up.


S: Okay.


Spirit: And I can see behind me. All the rocks that killed me.


S: Yes, it’s a rock slide.


Spirit:  So now, what do I do?


S: Okay. Let go of all of that. Just breathe. Know that you are okay. Nothing can harm you.


Spirit: But my family don’t know.


S: Your family will know. Your family will know. Do you have a name?


Spirit: Kristos. I can see so far. I can see ahead of me. Nothing but empty.


S: It’s space. What country are you from?


Spirit: Ah. Norway. But, if I am dead, what can I do?


S: Now is the time… …that you realize that you… …cannot literally die. So follow …. If you open your eyes and look around you, you will see light. And you will see, look up. And you will see the energies all around you. Loved ones. Light.


Spirit: I can see people.


S: Yes. And it’s love. It’s pure and utter love. And the energy all around, you are so loved. And they are here to help you. And support you. And to guide you through this. You are not alone. Anymore. So you might see a hand reached out to you. Or you might just walk towards that energy yourself. And just envelop yourself in that love. And that comfort. And that peace.


Spirit: I… I think it’s… …it’s just… …a shock of it all.


S: Yeah, that’s ok.


Spirit: I never imagined that I would die. And I had never imagined. I never imagined so much could happen after, after I was… …dead.


S: It’s not always as we perceive it, is it?


Spirit: Ah. And… …who, who are you?


S: We are just helpers. We are just helpers that help you… …to cross over… …and find that peace.


Spirit: So… …I must go with them?


S: You must go. You will feel… …all the love… …and peace… …that you are searching for. But you will also be able to see your family. You will feel… …all the peace that you’ve been looking for. Most importantly. And so you will not be alone. You will have all the support you need. All the comfort. All the love. All the guidance. And they will help you with each step of the way.


Spirit: I am…  I cannot stop this emotion… but I’m going up. That’s okay.


S: That’s ok, that’s the pure love you feel. It will bring up all your emotions.


Spirit: I am leaving…the mountain.


S: Yeah, you are safe. So safe.


Spirit: So… Where am I going?


S: Just follow the light. Follow the energy, follow the people. Just keep looking up and following the people. Follow the energy.


Spirit: Where are they taking me? 


S: They are taking you to such a safe space. Where you will get nothing but love, support, comfort. You will see your family. You will get all the guidance that you need. You are so safe. You will be looked after. Nurtured. Loved. Guided. You are so safe.


Spirit: I, am….


S: And you won’t be alone anymore.


Spirit: ….Very strange, there are so many people here.


S: They are all here to help you.


Spirit: I can understand them. And we are not talking.


S: Yes. You don’t need words.


Spirit: Uh huh. And they are holding me.


S: Yes. Just feel that energy. And it’s ok.


Spirit: They are saying that I am in the afterlife. Where I will live and everyone who dies lives here.


S: That’s right. That’s right.


Spirit: And my family, when they die, they will come here. That’s right. And you will be able to see them from where you are. And they will join you. In their time. But most of all, you will feel peace. Like you have never felt before.


Spirit: I… I can feel… All the… All the people holding me from a distance. And I can look down. Miles and miles away to… the mountain and the accident. And… I am just… confused. And they are saying that I must leave you and go with them.


S: Don’t try and understand everything so much. Follow the energy. You are an energy being. We are all energy beings. Don’t try and understand everything so much. Follow them. Go with them. And you will feel that peace.


Spirit: Oh. I… I can see… I can see… People I have known that died.


S: Yes.


Spirit: Ah. So… they went through… same as me.


S: Yes. Yes. Maybe not so traumatic. But yes. Yes.


Spirit: I think I… Understand.


S: Yes. You will be so guided and safe and loved. Go now.


Spirit: Ah. Thank you.


S: Find that peace.


Spirit: I want to learn?


S: We all do. Lol. We all do.


Spirit: Ok, off I go.


S: Goodbye.




S: Gees, did they work energies there.


G: That was fun.


S: Geez, I was working with energy, my hands were going like this (moving around), just to move his energy and I can’t even remember what I got now, but geez, colors and little black arrows to shift all that little fear, and whatever, and then, wow, I don’t even remember what was used, my eyes were closed, but…


G: Yeah, I could hear you talking, but his emotion was definite, so.


S: Yeah, no, he was a mess, so I was working with all the colors, while trying to calm him down, and tell him the only thing he could expect, but it’s the colors and the energies that they were working with, his energies, I don’t know how long he’s been there, it’s not short, because…


G: No, I don’t know, it just…


S: I didn’t ask, it’s Norway.


G: Yeah, I was on the side of a cliff, like there was this big wide path, and I could look down and a big fjord down there, and it was sunny and I was walking and so on, it was sunny so it wasn’t a night.


S: Yeah.


G: And then suddenly it was like, it just went from walking to like, I was totally surprised, I didn’t hear any rocks falling or anything, so, and then it was, ah, it was a mixture, I must have been under the rubble or something, and come out and realized something drastic was going on.


S: He saw bits of himself everywhere.


G: Yes, that’s right.


S: So I think it was, maybe an arm went flying or something, I don’t know. And he must have been stuck under the rubble.


G: Yeah, he didn’t, he didn’t obviously understand anything about the afterlife etc. And then I moved forward, I could hear you talking, and then it was still a state of confusion, and then looking ahead, I could just see this big white tunnel, and it’s like everything faded away, it was just empty. And then there started to be people there, and then he started to look upwards


S: Okay.


G: And then I could feel these people all around me, from a distance. Holding me, but from a long way away. All this energy, I was talking to them, I could hear them all talking to me, and it was just a total shock. And then eventually they were saying, you know, you’ve just got to come and kind of leave that behind, separate the two things, and that’s what he said.


And this one, (Bruno the dog) could you hear him?


S: Yes.


G: He was there. Lol. 


S: He was getting loud.


G: Yeah, I could hear him.


S: But I felt exactly when his energy shifted, and when he opened to it, thinking, okay, I didn’t understand this, but this feels light, and it feels right. So, okay, and he recognized people, that was his opening gap. I see people I know that have died, and that’s when his whole energy changed. And I could feel everything lighten, but jeez, it was like daggers and screws trying to undo all that energy, all that stuckness, and all that. …Everyone that doesn’t understand all of this must go through that confusion.


G: Total confusion, yeah.


S: Mass confusion, just because they don’t understand.


G:That’s right. And he called it an afterlife, not heaven and all of that.


S: Yes, afterlife, that’s right.


G: Well, okay, now we can get started.


S: That was fun. Lol. Again, again.


G: You did well.


S: You did better.


G: Well, when I was getting a coffee, he was sort of saying, you know, I’m here, I’m here.


S: Help help.


G: Then the minute I sat down he started; you know.


S: I heard you breathing, and I thought, oh, no, someone’s here. It’s a rescue. Lol. He’ll come back. He’ll come back and talk to us.


G: Yeah. Christensen.


S: Christensen from Norway. And his big worry was that his family doesn’t know.


G: Yeah. Well, that makes sense, I suppose.


S: Yeah, that’s a natural. Okay, top that one.


G: I separated conjoined twins once.


S: Really?


G: Yeah. I saw on news this morning, and it just reminded me. It was all speeded up. I saw all their veins, and then the nerves, and everything, and how everything had to be separated, changed, and rerouted and…


S: Shew.


G: And I was working with loads of other people, I must have, because I could see everything at once. The whole thing took about 10 minutes or something.

Anyway, that’s for another day. Let’s see what else we can see.






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