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891 Where you go AFTER being rescued

Right, going down a path. Going into the woods once more. I’ve been in the woods many times. So, this is a nice path. Just ordinary earth paths. There’s no concrete, or tarmac, or anything. Path through the woods. The trees are very, very sort of uniform. Big rounded tops, they’re dark green. They are all touching one another, so as you go, like mushrooms, all side to side, side by side.


So as I go inside, it’s all very nice energy, it’s very nice. And it’s very comfortable, and it’s all lightish inside. Not as dark as you can imagine. There’s no sort of undergrowth. The trees are all on their own, there’s leaves on the floor. It’s nice scenery.


Looking a bit farther. I go down a slope. And then there’s a lake at the bottom. A lot of wild life. I go inside. I don’t know what I’m doing here. I’ll just back to the original trees, where I went in and it was very comfortable. And I’m going to sit there and see what I can sense and what this means.


S: It’s almost like a fairy land energy.


G: Yeah, it is. Okay, that’s pretty good. This is an area… When I look up, there are like angels with wings floating around. Now, we know there are no real angels with wings etc..  So this is something out of someone’s imagination.


It’s a place where they bring…


S: What are they? Lol.


Spirit: This is where they bring people like the one you’ve just rescued. Something which he can relate to, because it’s all very strange for them. So they bring him here. So in Norway there are lots of places like this, very deep forests, etc. This one is just a lot more comfortable. And here we can explain to him a little bit more, and get him to understand that life on the other side is a little bit different and how it all works. And he thinks at the moment he’s sort of on the area around Earth, around Norway. So, he’s just trying to sort everything out and we will just get all the information across to him. And then we can tell him a little bit more and move him across. And we can simply take it from there.


But what you did was very good. Very clever of you to do that. You picked that up very nicely. And you were quite right in what you said, what you saw. And he did move across and the important thing there is they’re asking for help and you’re giving them the answers. And it’s what they want to hear. And so you were quite right. You don’t go for, you know, you cross over to heaven and this is what you do and so on. You tell them what they want to hear, just enough to get them to the next step and then we can take over from there. So thank you for that. And I’m sure he will come back at a future stage and talk to you.


And if you just move up a little bit at the top of the trees, if you look outside you’ll see the mountains either side. You’ll see a nice fjord. And that of course, is the area that he lives in. Or it looks like that sort of area. And so, I’m going to leave you. And the person can come and chat. And Thank you.


S: Thank you

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