Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

893 Intro to bigger Divas and forest energy

Spirit: Now, this is something you haven’t seen before. I’m just going to show you and explain. It’s something that you probably won’t be able to tell people for many years. But you know about the divas and so on. There are tiny, tiny little divas. But there are bigger ones.

S: Oh.

Spirit: Lol. Now we explain tiny ones because you need to relate to tiny bits of flora and fauna and flowers and so on. And you can’t imagine big fairies looking after little plants. But of course they don’t have, they don’t need specific shapes and sizes. We show them to you, again, as being these tiny little divas here, because you can relate to them and it makes sense.


But a lot of them are, imagine a group of energy, maybe, let’s say the size of a bathroom. And it’s just sort of all different colours, a whole rainbow of colours. It’s moving through the forest, moving through all these different trees. Just helping wherever is needed. Now, then we fill the forest with those. So every, every square inch is colour. Now you know that on our side everything is colour. And you’ve just learnt really that all the energies on your side are colour.


S: Mmmm.


Spirit: And now you’ve got the forests, if you like, full of colour. So, it’s just another extension to it. Beautiful.


S: Mmmm. That’s why when you walk through a forest. Oh my gosh. It’s so peaceful.


Spirit: Yes, serenity, tranquility.


S: It’s quiet, it’s peaceful. There can even be movement, when there’s wind and all that, it’s still quiet, it’s peaceful.


Spirit: Well, imagine right in the beginning, when there was a basic beginning, as far as you know, that’s just called it cave-man days. Imagine what they felt walking through a meadow with a stream. And a light breeze and sunshine and forests and flowers. Everything was untouched, it wasn’t toxic in those days.


S: Shew.


Spirit: And it was just, the sensation, the feeling was so much better. We were talking the other day about just growing vegetables, how natural vegetables taste so much better.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And today they’ve all been changed. So imagine living a life like that, where you cooked every night by just eating the vegetables you want. And the flavors, it tastes so much nicer. And the atmosphere, the air, the water was cleaner and so on. And that’s the way it started. And man, unfortunately, has messed a lot of that up. And that’s why, now it keeps changing so they can evolve and so on.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So in those days it was very peaceful. In those days as well, you didn’t have the huge amount of decision-making that you have now. Your career, for example, your education, your marriage, your law, and all this sort of thing, it wasn’t there. It was far more primitive, but again, far more peaceful, because there wasn’t that much to decide. So you woke up in the morning when you felt like it, there was no alarm clock, or tv’s or anything. You looked at the weather.


When you were hungry, you ate food. When you were thirsty, you drank. And there were no set meal times. If you needed something to eat with, you simply made it. And that’s the life you live, day by day. Nothing was a stress, there was no “it has to be done by such and such a time”.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: The biggest stress was just moving from one place to another, according to the seasons. Or maybe they thought game was running out and they moved to another area. Well, of course, they learned game trails and so on, when they got onto hunting for something to eat. So that was their only real stress. Now, we know all stress is relevant. But there was no real stress in those days. It was a much more peaceful life. And then, of course, we learned all these things. We started developing, we introduced this, that and the other, so. And introducing it is fine. But then you must learn the parameters, the highs, the lows, so you can find the middle ground.


There was a lot of trial and error in those days. Going right back to caveman days. And as you know, we restarted quite a few of them.


S: Absolutely.


Spirit: So. Anyway, I think you’ve had enough for one night.


S: Yeah, super yet again.


Spirit: More for you to type out.


S: Lol.


Spirit: Thank you once again for listening. And as always, good night.


S: Thank you and good night.





G: Gees,, you think, How much more can there be about energy?


S: And every single time, they’ve got something else to show us.

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