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894 Mass deaths on Anzio Beach. WW2

G: I’ve got Granny watching.

S: Aww.

G: She’s got a big smile. That’s you and the rescue (last night), because she used to do the rescues and now you (Sharon) are doing it.

S: Aww.

G: I have somebody here who, it seems he’s been helping people for a long time, and he showing me a beach, this is where we stopped, which is a bit like Dunkirk in the 2nd world war. Not quite such a busy beach. It was, I don’t know, land in Italy, I think. Anyway….

Okay, what he does, he, he didn’t die in Italy, he was a guide. He was a guide, guiding a lot of things that were going on, and in this particular scene he showed me the beach where there was a sort of a landing, and like a little invasion, and lots of people dying, and for some reason he was there. And he was doing pretty much what we’re going to be doing. We saw the other day where we were helping in Russia and China and different places, and he did exactly the same, and he was in Italy, and it was just a matter of, …

Spirit: I started to do it, and it just, it was, it was very good, it was very enjoyable, satisfying work in a way, but when I got to, oh let me go back. Some of the things that I showed you just now were earlier things that I helped with, someone dying, from an alien race, which was very important to help there, like royalty.

And then helping lands and communities and all sorts of things, and then I got to this, this place in Italy, it’s called Anzio. And there were so many people there, and there were so many people dying, and my job was to help both sides, those that were dying, help them, meet those that were helping me to help them cross over and help the ones that were supposed to be, or going to be successful, and it is not too much, because we all have to learn at various stages and then we can always give in if we want to and get somebody else to take over, and I was very stubborn and I wanted to do this, and I was sure I could do it, but with so many people dying, it was horrible, just horrible, and what I saw with all these people dying was, not so much, there was a group anger, group anger, a very big group anger, but the individuals that were in that anger were not angry, they were having to fight, it was compulsory that they had to fight, they had to kill other people, and they had to shoot artillery and rifles and grenades and hand-to-hand combat.


S: So you could see all the energy.


Spirit: Yeah, but they didn’t want to do that, they had to do that.


S: Yes.


Spirit: Now, if you think if you were to defend your spouse, if your spouse was being attacked, you would kill somebody, but to watch hundreds doing it one after the other was a horrible experience.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So I, after that, I stayed for a bit longer and I wanted to prove that I could get over it, and I then went on to help many others, and progressed nicely, and went on for many years. The reason I’m telling you this is because you will see things which will be horrible, as I’ve just explained, to witness, but what I want you to understand is that this is important, it’s for people to be able to understand and evolve. All those people who died and came across, they learned specific lessons, but the ones that were left behind, that witnessed the carnage and the hatred and the murder, the blood shed any agony.

It was just horrible, and they had to live with that. And they lived with that. They’ve nearly all died since then but they’ve all come across this side, and the lessons they learned were very hard lessons. But you must understand that these lessons were for a very good reason, because when they go back, when they reincarnate, when they come back to help with the change that the world is going through, they will not let it happen again.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: So, good is created from bad. Horrible lessons, but they learned the lessons, and they now become very strong people, and they will want to come down and defend…


S: Change, yeah.


Spirit: … and make sure that this does not happen again. Now, there are many wars on your planet, and a lot of it is going to be seen again by so many people. I want you to understand that what you are doing is important for everybody. You understand how important it is for people to evolve, for everybody to learn, but I want you to understand that you will never regret what you see.


As I have told you what I have seen, it affected me a lot, and it will affect you, but you must understand at that stage that it is for the good.


S: To grow.


Spirit: Now, I talk like this because to get the story across to you, I had to go back to this beach, to re-feel, to re-understand, to re-live the agony that I felt, and the inability to do anything.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: But since then I have done an awful lot, and I am now going to move away from here because I have…


S: Evolved!


Spirit: Yes, it is evolved, yes. Lol. I am glad you understand that. Okay, so, after that, it took me a while to get over that, but I was determined to just plod on and get over it and understand it more, and as time went on I did understand it more, and I was able to do a lot more good. I came across similar instances, not so bad, not involving so many people, but where there were smaller skirmishes and so on, and people held hostage and murders, and all sorts of things. It was much easier to deal with because I had had that experience.


S: Yeah.


Spirit:  I could understand far better what the people were feeling.


S: Oh gosh, yes.


Spirit: And if you could just imagine your spouse or your son or your parents being held to ransom for something that you must do, or they are killed or tortured in front of you, the anger is unbelievable. That’s what makes you do specific things. Now, you may be the best person in the world, but if that scenario confronts you, you can become very angry.


S: You don’t know what you will do.


Spirit: Yes, why can’t you simply don’t know what you will do. When I completed those lessons, it went on for many, many years, and after that… When I completed the lessons, and you will appreciate this, what I did on the last day, was I balanced people, and I was in the Netherlands, where they had fields full of colored tulips.


S: Yes, yes.


Spirit: Now, you can understand colours, and you can understand nature spirits and how they work. Now, just imagine a field of colours, rows, huge rows of all different colours, and then surrounding that, all the different little energies and so on. And I used that to create peace with different communities, to calm down and satisfy different arguments, and skirmishes that turned up. And it could be done because it hadn’t got to the stage of hatred yet, it was a stage where things could be forgiven. And I could take those masses of colours and just pour them onto the situation, and watch with such, such satisfaction, to see the opposite of what happened at that beach. See the parties get together to love one another, to put aside their differences, and understand and see what could be done with love instead of hatred.


S: Wow. So that is just showing us what we are capable of.


Spirit: Absolutely. Yeah. Now, the feeling that I have, as I relive that time in the tulip fields, is just the opposite. And I’m going to stay and enjoy that feeling once more, and I’m going to leave you with this very short lesson. I’m so glad I had a chance to talk.


S: I’m so glad you came to talk, thank you.


G: Okay. He’s ambled off.  God that was intense.


S: He went through such traumatic mass death.


G: And we saw that from a spiritual point of view, not from a human point of view. We can hear about mass death and hear about it. But to feel what he just felt. And I’m sure you picked up a lot of the energy.


S: Yeah, tons.


G: It’s quite something.


S: To feel it was quite something.


G: Yeah.


S: Which was a part of the mass energy.


It’s like that, you know, when they came from a planet which is pure love. They come down and suddenly they have emotions because they can feel what we feel. We feel, because the one thing we are gifted with on this planet is thoughts, feelings and emotions.


G: Yeah. You right.

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