Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

897 Aug 22 Different reaction to the change (Part 2)

There’s a lot of people here. It’s a big group of people that we will be working with. From the other side. Okay. The reason they’re basically here is just to first of all show us that they’re here, but secondly to basically link up. What you saw the other day was the yellow connecting all these different people. That’s what it is. You’re connecting all these different guides, teachers, etc. So, as we advance down this road, we need to be kept up to date on everything that is happening all over the world with all these different religions and so on. But there’s no way we can, in our physical manner, monitor it ourselves. So we’re connected spiritually, soul-wise. And so we get all this information, although we’re not going to hear it, we’re not going to use it. We’re part of this web of information and change that’s happening all over, so we’re connected to all this. It’s also very, it’s ideal for us when we need to access specific information for specific things that we’re doing and we’ll be able to tap into that information and tap into the right sort of people and so on.


There’s going to be areas we need to get around. Huge puddles in front of us down these tracks. And again, it’s just a matter of not stopping to go through the puddle, it’s finding the best way around the puddle and talking to these people that will help us over it or whatever we need to do. So, you know that you’ve been, you’ve chosen to do this sort of teaching and you have all these new abilities that you’re able to use. And what you’re going to find is we’re going to be able to use you far more than you originally thought. It’s not just a matter of putting energy through you, etc. It’s guiding you in the right direction. Connecting you to all the others who are doing exactly the same thing so that you will learn more, understand more and be more useful in this particular way.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now when it comes to making decisions like you’re doing at the moment, whether or not to start this new way, etc. We cannot obviously tell you what to do because that would destroy the free will, etc. Although we would love to, but you just must be aware, be more, you are sensitive, just pick up on those sensitives and you’ll be pointed in the right direction. You’ll see the right direction to go in and as you say, it’s what feels light and fluffy for you.

And even if the two of you have discussions, disagreements every now and again, you must look at both sides because you’re going to see both things from different points of view.


You, Sharon have led a totally different life than Geoff has and therefore your understanding is different from his, which is good. You need the combination of the two of you to discuss between you what is the best way forward and you will make the right decisions. Occasionally you will make the wrong ones, but as you know, that is meant to be and there’s not a problem. You must just go ahead. You can be totally confident in what you’re doing because you are now going in the right direction. We’re all here to support you and that is an awful lot for one person to get across. Lol.


S: Stick together.


Spirit: Mmmm. So we did watch what you did today and its very good information. If you remember just a few weeks ago, we were saying that you must look at all these different angles. Why you’re not successful right now is because you need to look at all these different options and then decide the right option to take. And then you understand that you did choose the right option, not just go ahead blindly on what you assume would be correct.


S: Yes. okay.


Spirit: Okay, it’s been a long time since I’ve said this, but do you have any questions?


S: No, Lol.


Spirit: Lol. In that case, it’s been a very good day and we send you all our love and we’re going to leave you in peace for this evening and good night. Lol.


S: Thank you, thank you and good night.




G: Boy, that was hot. All those spooks around. Really hot.


S: So that was the circle I saw.


G: Mmm.


S: It was like a Ferris wheel.. Just going around.


G: Yeah, connecting everybody.


S: Oh, and also I got, remember, I got all these things all connected like a network.


G: Yeah. That’s what he said, the yellow things are the network.


S: Yeah.


G: And yellow is spiritual connection and you’re connecting all these people up together. So, I could see more than I could say. And it’s like we’re going to be connected like an internet, connected to all of these computers around the world. We don’t need to know what’s going on over there. But we will have access when we need it.


And we’ll go ahead understanding without actually knowing what to do next.


S: Yeah. Just the energy will be used and…


G: Yeah.


S: Even talking to everyone today, I was just not even talking…. Not even talking on a human level.


G: No, isn’t that funny?


S: That’s weird.


G: It’s like we’re not looking down on them, we are listening to them, etc. But we know so much more.


S: So just saying it as it is, choose it or don’t.


G: Yeah.


S: And whatever. And just sort of like being there, but so different to how in the past I would have been. And funny enough, I would have connected to them more in the past because I’d be on their level.

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