Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

898 Aug 22 Our Gatekeepers protect us against negativity

G: In front of me and all around me, I can see, you know like a spider has four or five eyes on the top.


S: Yeah.


G: Just like that but there’s several of those in a row. They’re very friendly and so on but they seem to be just like that. Anyway, let me just see if there’s more to that. They are very dark, they’re just like five huge dimensions???.They’re very friendly, I go in amongst them and try to feel the energy. They’re sort of big and defensive and protectors.


S: Or are they? They just look that way. Lol


G Hmm. They are protectors. They’re like gatekeepers. They scare away the nasties. Hmm.


S: Even as I’m trying to see or do things, I can feel their energy, just stopping it, just gently they stop things. They just stop. It’s nothing forceful. It’s not going out like forceful at all. They just shut things down. Just stop things. Just stop negativities. Stop this. Stop. But it’s a gentle, they’re showing me how they use it I suppose. And it’s gentle. It just comes down. It’s just stop it.


G: Yeah, it’s very, you look at them and obviously they’re scary normally. I can feel these, they’re obviously not scary.


S: Yeah.


G: There’s still the five there. And I can’t see if they’re stopping me from going to the other side. That’s what it looks like because behind them it’s just grey.


S: Okay. E is here, let’s see if she helps us.


G: Ah now I can see, I can see sort of in the center of each one. Or in the center of the group, I’m not sure. But a multitude of colours shown in a different way. If you can think of a band which has every millimeter is a different colour. And then hundreds of the bands, all criss cross together. So it’s all tiny little sparkles of all sorts of energy.


S: Yeah, all sorts of energy coming into my right temple.


G: Maybe E can tell us what it is, what do you sense? Definitely gatekeepers of some type. I think that they are our gatekeepers.


G: They are protectors if you like. As we go ahead and do the work that we’re going to be doing, there’s bound to be certain, negativity coming back from the different people that we’re dealing with and different groups. Because everything has an opposite as you know. And there are going to be some cases where we start to change a group because that group has to be changed.


S: Yeah, and some people won’t like that.


G: Yeah, and the negativity comes back towards us and they will defend us against that. And that’s why they have this variety of colours so they can show, to defend us, they can show themselves almost any colour possible to the negative, the attack or whatever it is.


S: And they showed me, allowed me to sense how they shut it down.


G: Okay.


S: That’s what the people will feel, ah, they’re not worth it. It’s just gentle, it’s just like whoosh.


G: Nice. Yeah, because you don’t want any friction or whatever.


S: So that was the energy.


G: Mmm, how nice is that. I’m trying to get closer to one, just because I can. And they don’t have any distinctive outline, it’s just the giant thought form of the spider. It’s, when you first think about it, it’s negative. You think about the spider now, it’s not pretty much a good feeling. The first thing that people come across is, whoa, there’s a big nasty there.


S: Yes.


G: And then they realise it’s not so nasty and they just get pushed to one side. That makes sense. Okay, there doesn’t seem to be anything else there. So, let’s move off.


G: I can see your E in the background. And I just see her as a bundle of colours.


S: Yeah.


G: Like the shape of a person, but just colours going from top to bottom.


S: Yeah, she was close just now and then she went back.


G: Mmm, ok.


S: I think they put something into my head there.


G: Something into your head?


S: Yeah, a lot of stuff came into my right temple there. Not stuff, information, lol.


G: Oh, there is a little bit more to this. Not only defending us from any negativity that comes towards us, it’s when we start to make decisions and go in the right direction, etc, they have a way of gently pushing us away from that direction into another one. So it’s to save us straying too far off the path. We’ve got to go off a little bit to learn, but we won’t go too far, they’ll push us back again.


So they’re guides as well as gatekeepers, come to help us.


S: Yeah.


G: Guides, yeah, okay? Yeah, guides, that makes much more sense.

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