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899 A chat with Verna after 6 months

G: Okay, I’ve got Mom in the background. I’m going to go over to Mom, to an area, and just see what she has to say.


S: And where she’s been.


G: And, well… Okay, she’s not letting me see her as I would physically, but I’m seeing her energy, and the energy is just awesome. Its so much energy crammed into one place, and it’s constantly moving. And it’s purple and white and yellow and orange and all sorts. And, wow, what she’s been doing is connecting, not with people on Earth, connecting with people up there with the work that she’s doing.


We don’t know what level she’s at over there. We know she’s a pretty advanced soul, etc. And what she’s saying is, she’s just showing us what she can do. The easiest way to show us is to show that she’s been connecting up to all these different people, thoughts, memories, whatever.


And Sharon, your yellow spider’s web of energy is the same sort of thing. And basically what she’s been doing as well, and if you can imagine that spider web, all the information going up and down there and all over the place, all connected to one. All the information comes back to one. And so that’s how she’s talking to all these people at once, all these different connections that all happen at once. And that’s why there’s such a huge amount of energy. And over there it seems much simpler to do that.


S: Yeah.


G: And she says that’s what she wants to explain. And she says she won’t talk because we won’t handle it. Or I won’t. Lol. And so she says, put up with it, put up with it, it’s okay. And she’s showing us pictures of all the people she’s met. And she’s showing me, like, when you flip the pages of a book and it flies through so fast, she’s doing that sort of thing. And she’s saying that’s because she can talk to all those people, she knows all those people. You get this understanding of all those people, and you get a mind which is that full of all these people, all these experiences and so on. And then you work with them all. It’s just way beyond anything we could imagine at the moment. She says that’s what she’s doing, that’s why she’s been away, but she hasn’t been far. It’s not, she’s not been away as such. I mean, she hasn’t been in communication with us, because she’s been busy doing something else. And of course, time is no worries.


And what she did, she looked ahead, she saw that we wouldn’t be concerned if she was away for that amount of time. So she just left a message, and off she went, and she did her thing, and she came back, and everything’s fine. And she says, you’ll do okay and will break through, etc. and there are lots of things happening and so on and so on. And the next stage that we’re going into is like Jack and the Beanstalk. She said that you’ve done all the hard work, you’ve been at the bottom, and now you’ve just got to climb the Beanstalk, and when you get up there, you’ll get all these beautiful things on the way up.


And she’s going to help and watch and all sorts of things. You know, with this green, there’s no sort of, you know, I missed her terribly today, yesterday, and I don’t miss her now, because that green is there, so it sort of stops that, and she’s saying to you, you feel a little bit more different, and she says she’s fine, she’s having a good time, she’s fine, and you’ll be fine, and everything you are doing as fine, it’s all that it should be. And don’t worry, all the stuff that we’re getting is just right in your hand. She’s showing me sort of pretty much straight lines from now on going forward. And as we develop more, she’ll be able to get in touch more, and she’s saying we’ll  never be at a stage where we’ll be able to go into meditation and, for instance, have like the big hug I had when I let her go. That won’t happen because the emotion, the love and so on, is different over there than it is here. What happened on Earth was an earthly form of love, and over there it’s totally different. So what she does is she doesn’t send me that sort of love, because that’s what makes you miss her, etc, etc. She says she’ll do the same for you, she’s going, just paint your heart sort of purple, and same thing with me. So you always have that beautiful love that you had when she was on Earth, and that when you missed her, etc. But it won’t get painful, it won’t hurt her, etc. And what you’ll get instead is a whole kaleidoscope of colours, which is now your big mom, your other side mom. And it’s just beautiful to see her very comfortable and so on.


Don’t worry about any of that side of it, that’s going to always be okay. You’re going to miss her a little bit down there, and she feels all of that, and that’s fine, okay. And she’s got Gary down the bottom here, and she says Gary’s sort of locked himself away since she passed, and he’s basically just cut himself off from us. And she says, but don’t worry about it, things are going to take time, they’re going to sink in, and they’ll change in later years, and they’ll come back and chat, and exactly the same as Luke did. It just is for them, it’s a learning curve, they need to do what they have to do, and then they’ll come back, and they’ll understand more, and everything will sort of be forgotten, forgiven, and you just carry on as if nothing really happened. So there’s no concerns about that at all. Mmm, she saying No, that’s it, that’s it, that all we’ve got and she’s going to scoot off and do her thing and play again, and she’ll come back and chat again, and she says you miss these, you miss these, and a big MWHA, and she’s gone.


S: Just like a puppy dog.



G: Mmm. And again, these five spiders are still here, the guardians, and they say, we also help to protect you with that sort of thing as well, because you’ve chosen this future, you all chose this future to go ahead, and you actually chose that Mom would pass over first and help to control things from that side, and the two of us would just progress and go on, etc. It wasn’t a mistake.


S: We wouldn’t be doing this like this if she was still here.


G: Absolutely. So that is all sort of pre-planned and fine, and don’t worry about anything at all, we’re going in the way we should, and that’s okay. The spiders are sort of, they’re guides, but what they’re doing is they’re guiding on the outskirts. So, it’s like we’re going down a freeway, and they’re on the edges of the freeway to make sure we don’t run off the edge.


S: Yeah, yeah. The boundaries.


G: Yeah. And their characters are, I was going to say automated, but they are saying no, it’s not quite automated, it’s experience. It’s… what we’ve got to do, it takes a lot of putting together, because everything has to come together at once and so on. They are very experienced beings, but they’re not working just with us, they’re working with lots of other groups as well, doing exactly the same thing. So they’re coordinating all of this, that’s it.  They’re helping to stop us running off the rails, but they’re coordinating the whole thing as well.


S: Wow, to make sure life evolves.


G: Yeah. And that’s the gray we saw, it’s a huge mist over all the land and they all just… they’ve got all this information going backwards, forwards, looking ahead and so on. And I was just thinking of a Mom talking to all these people. No, they are saying that’s different.


What Mom was doing was different. So they do the same thing, but on a different level. They basically look into our futures, see where we’re going, what’s going to be happening, guide us in the right direction, make sure things happen and change and coordinate and just fit in with everybody else.


And they basically said, well, there’s another one, you don’t have to type out.


S: It makes sense though. Almost like creating the pathway as well, creating the freeway.


G: Yeah.


S: Keeping the boundary there, but creating it.


G: Yeah, yeah, quite right, keeping us in the zone.

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