Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

948 The world change. How our bodies will change.

I can see the Earth, but it’s all multi-coloured, and there’s something from, it looks like a space station, for example. Something that beams down to earth and the earth is this multitude of amazing different colours. What this is, is new spirit coming down, to change the world. Because it has got so far out of whack. We know it as the gardener of the earth looking after earth and spirits looking after each area, each continent, each country, each town, each city, and so on. So, it’s a whole process, and the whole thing is getting out of whack, it’s gone too far. What it’s going into now, is the stage of technical, new innovations, computers, taking over from human development. Now, because there is so much to be done, they are showing it to us this way, as basically a lot of new energy, new spirits coming down. Which means that a  lot of older spirits have to leave. So, there are going to be basic wars. What I am being shown is that something is going to happen over the next century. Being shown this way, we can understand it. There are a lot of new energies and spirit coming down, and each one brings new talents with them, to make this change. So, the first thing we see is a lot of wars and a lot of deaths, but of course over a period of time. The world is getting worse and there will be far more wars and deaths. The eco-system going so wrong. More tsunamis, volcano’s, nature disruptions and so on. So, the whole thing has to change. Now, as we showed you a few days ago, it starts right at the beginning, where you have got the basic energy, the small diva’s looking after a certain area, which of course they do with a group energy, and that has to change because of the way the whole planet is changing. Not just looking after nature, but looking after the energies as well, getting rid of negative energies. And keeping the balance of the area. So, there are going to be a lot of disruptions over the next century. And it will go from the smaller, nature spirits, into the larger animals; that will affect the human food chain, that creates a serious amount of emotions, negativity. Things which have to be changed. But at the same time, an enormous amount of lessons being learnt, by everyone remaining on the planet, that will pass over in the next 30,40,50 years. So, things are being speeded up and we have been told of this change, we have seen it, it is about to happen, but of course time is totally different. So, although you thought what the change was in 2015, it’s late, but it’s actually later than that, overall. So, the whole system, as we discussed, from very small to very large, going through all the animals, the humans, emotions, nature, weather, all that sort of thing, that’s all going to change.

S: and everything is going to be affected.

Everything. So the new spirits are coming down, even new nature diva’s, coming down, are going to change the way the world is working right now. They are going to get it back to a stage where it is obviously far more comfortable, far better, etc. You have seen things going into highs and lows, peaks and drops, and this is a very low and it’s got to go back to a high. And it will be a different high than it was a century or so ago. In the past there has been ice ages, the earth has been hit by meteorites, extinction of the dinosaurs, and as humans have developed, let’s look at the gaps between certain group existences, this is where they have to be started again, to be able to develop the right way. Now we are at a far more advanced stage, where people are far better at looking after themselves, but what is happening is they are relying on technology and things, going beyond natural evolving. And this is what has to be stopped. If you think of what the natural progression is going to be, just with your computers, your rockets, satellites, where is it going to be in 100 years’ time. It’s going to be totally different, what you have got remaining on earth is a very small amount of natural emotions, ability to live, understand, work with one another. It’s going to be far more dependent on machinery, equipment and so on, which of course is not productive for evolving. But you have to see this extreme, to be able to get back to basic nature, living and so on. At the same time, on the financial side, that is going to be going to the extreme as well. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. And you’ve seen in the past 20,30,40 years, there has been wars in various countries, where millions of people have been displaced, and atrocities created. And yet, the majority of the world does nothing about it. Where you get a country that is comfortable, such as your country here (South Africa), America, and so on; they see something happening in another country, they send money, they send help, but they don’t really understand what is going on over there. If you were to experience that, and then come to a first world country, your outlook would be totally different. And this is basically what has to happen. We need a new generation, who will appreciate the small things that they have. Just life, family, food, all the basics, so that they can enjoy life, live a little life, instead of being supressed, and dominated by major companies, finance and development. It has gotten totally out of hand.   So, this is what will be happening, but over of course a long period. You are merely helping with the starting point of this. But just to be able to understand what is going to happen will help you a lot more in making the right decisions.

Now I am seeing the bones of a human skeleton. It’s not bare, I am seeing the bones in a human. What is happening is: the human body changes and develops, depending on the food it eats, the environment, the air, the water and so on, now because so many things are being made synthetically, the human body is having to adapt and adjust. It is not going to be as strong as it used to be. It’s not going to have the overall ability to operate as we would like it to. Sleep for example, is going to change, with you being able to sleep for just a few hours a night, simply by taking pills. You will be taking pills for energy, for well-being; but they are all alien to the body, they are synthetic. So, the body will have to adjust and as you go through generations, each new generation, will be a little bit shorter, their bones will change, the organs will become smaller, because they don’t need to operate such a big frame. So in, and I am talking a lot of time here, the actual human body will start to become smaller. If you look at, for instance, Darwin’s theory, and you see pictures of the short man, becoming taller and taller; the life cycles that have been on this earth have had several variations, with taller and shorter people. And it simply depends on how they progress. And it’s not a matter of a few hundred years, it’s a few thousand years, and that is how they change, and the same will happen here, with the introduction of all this technology and synthetics. It will be long term. Now, to create a balance, to address the balance, we need to see two things, first of all the outcome of how the human body is changing due to technology, and then we need to get back to that stage where it can start to regrow again, the correct way. And to do that, you will need basic disasters. For example being struck by a meteorite, a tsunami, a dis-ease. So, these will be put in place, to basically wipe out large portions of the human race. So they can be replaced, with younger, more knowledgeable spirits, which will have a better sense of the correct way to move forward. If I can tell you as an example, your internet; the internet is basically the whole world is living around the internet; if it were to be taken away, what would happen right now? It would be an absolute disaster. If the satellites disappeared, same thing, a disaster. This becomes power, in the right hands, you could have the threat of doing that from one super power, to the rest of the world, to control the rest of the world. That is also a possibility. So there are all sorts of changes that could and will happen.       

Now they are showing me two different things we are going to look at in the future. One of them is connecting up with the mind, people like us, connecting up around the world. How we will all join together, to create energy, to change various things, to use energy, to change thought forms. And the second thing is a different ‘race’ for want of a better word, that live in a dimension, right next to us. Basically, we have to work  physically, to experience what we chose to experience. But in the same space here, there are spirits that work on a mental level, they are in a different dimension, but they can work in our dimension as well. They are far more advanced on the mental level. And that is right here, it’s not all over. The mental level, is something which is pure thought, and pure thoughts doesn’t need any space. So the mental level, you could actually hold in your hand for the universe. Because it is simply thought, energy. It’s simply thought and that thought can create. So, you can create for example, living on a different planet. You can create a universe. It’s not going to leave your hand, it’s simply created in your mind. So, that is the advanced mental level.

It’s been a bit disjointed tonight, just to give us an overall picture. What we will be doing over the next few weeks is going into each section, and seeing how each section develops. As we did over the last few days, of how the earth was developed. They want to give us this overall picture so that we have an understanding of what is going on. And as we go into each section, that will be much deeper, much clearer, and give us a more solid understanding of what is going to happen. The next level for us, is with the Spiritual Dictionary, making these connections, getting the information out there, connecting the right sort of people together, so that we have a very solid group of people and energy, who will work on that particular level. And as you realised just last week, it doesn’t have to be people who believe exactly the same as you do, as there are so many variations of understandings, religions, beliefs and so on. It’s a matter of thinking the right way, that can create the right sort of energy, to get the result that is needed. 

They were talking about different races developing different ways and what I have in front of me now, is a little person about 18 inches high, they are covered in golden jewellery, and all nice things, gold, diamonds and that sort of thing. And that is how they develop. In the beginning, when you get to the next level, you go to the mental levels, then you go higher and higher and higher, and then as you progress, you are able to start basically, “a specie” going. If you think of all the different billions of planets in the Universe, there are different species starting in different areas. They are starting in all sorts of shapes, sizes, forms, hot, cold, big, small, all sorts of varieties. There has to be this huge variation because when God created thoughts in the beginning, he created basically everything, so every possibility is there. So, as you progress to a certain level, you can now start to create your own specie. Now, that is simplifying the whole thing, but you do this on a planet, and then develop all sorts of different ways. What they are showing me here is just one way that it developed, where this group developed, and they simply wanted riches, wealth, and nothing else. And there are all sorts of things that go with that, change the way the people think, how they develop and what goes on, emotions and all sorts. So this is just one little person, showing us the idea of it. He is cute. We will be taking to many others in the future about how they have developed and what they have experienced, and so on.

Earlier on they couldn’t give us a good picture because it is all so vast, so here they tried to give us an overall picture. But they understand that what you are getting, Sharon, is what I am getting here. As I am talking and understanding, you are sensing and understanding the same things, as they have been talking.


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