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900 Sharon gets a bit further with “E”

G: Okay, they’re all going to go away. I’m left with this, this red patch again. This red patch, I’m sure is your E. That’s all I saw, right in the beginning. There was a red patch and then I saw all these colours. I don’t remember the red patch too much; I don’t know if you can.


S: Mmm, I don’t know.


G: The red seems to be unfolding. I haven’t got it quite right. If all the information that we’re going to get in the future, whatever, sensing and so on, all comes down to this red tube of energy and when it gets to E, this is for you. So, she’s just trying to explain it, saying it’s not important. Basically, all the information that you’re getting is written in one colour. So it all comes down to this sort of red tube and then it gets to E and then she changes it to  all different colours. And they’re saying it’s not like that, but that’s the best way that we can explain it. Because we wouldn’t be able to understand what it really was. But that’s what happens when you see the red, it’s just information being fed down. And you get information all the time, they’re loading you with information all the time. And every meditation, every little thing that you learn will be able to add on extra bits and pieces all the bells and whistles that go with that particular meditation. Inside, it’s all comfortable, you’ve got everything you need, all the bells and whistles with it. So even when they talk through me or whatever, they can only get so much information across and then this red fills in all the gaps.


S: Yeah.


G: So that makes it very solid.


S: And then one day you just have this instant understanding as you get to that level.


G: Yeah, quite right. They’re just trying to show us more. That was an explanation of why we see this red patch. Mmm, I’ve got nothing else.


S:She’s all over me like a rash.


G: Lol. Okay. Do you want to talk or anything?


S: Let me see.


G: Does she come into you or just…


S: She’s by the back of my neck and then she’s like over my whole head.


G: Yeah, that’s very good. That’s really good. We’ll do that and then normally when you start channeling you get that feeling. It’s just a matter of saying the first few words.


S: Yeah.


G: So. Well, not tonight, but later we’ll go deeper into that.


S: Yeah.


G: And I’ll just try and get you to talk. Just to say the first couple of things.


S: Well, I think it’s just a process, because she’s dabbled with my throat and she’s dabbled with my lips. She’s dabbled with my eyes and she’s dabbled with every area of my whole head. She’s given me healing, that’s for sure. She’s got rid of all that pain, all that discomfort in my left jaw is gone from that morning. And then the ice block in my head, she’s just given incredible healing. And then my eye the next morning. But this is the closest she’s gotten to coming in through the neck and then up and over. It’s a nice feeling though, no matter which way you turn you can feel them.


G: Yeah, it’s a lovely feeling.


S: And this morning I didn’t manage meditation, I just didn’t.


G: Well, what we will do at the end of each meditation in the evening. We’ll just get her to think about saying hello or whatever. And understanding that it won’t happen for several times so there’s no pressure.


S: I think she knows that.


G: And they will. Yes, she knows that. You won’t know that.


S: Yeah.


G: E is a great name.


S: Yeah.


G: And when I first saw, it was like a giant capital E, then you automatically think of Eden and Eve whatever.


S: Yeah. I got the E and then I thought well maybe the only name I could come up with that was nothing but Eve. I didn’t change that at all. But Eve, E, so just leave the v out. And you got E. So sorted.


G: Lol. The E. Nice.


S: Pussy cat wasn’t here tonight. Too many spiders. Lol.


G:  Okay. Well, that was different.

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