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902 Declining of Religions – Hindu

Spirit: Now, let’s have a look at the Hindu religion. The Hindus, they have many gods. And the gods were created initially by the ancestors, forefathers, the old people of wisdom. And why there are so many gods is, there are gods for individual problems. So if your problem is infidelity of your spouse, then you will pray to a certain god. And that contains a certain amount of energy. So the same thing applies when that energy is sent to that particular god all the time. It becomes very beneficial for those that worship that god, who need to worship that god at that specific time. Does that make sense?


S: Mmm.


Spirit: Okay, so as each situation sort of appeared many centuries ago, they would create a god for it. And the elders would get together and the wisdom would say, this God is going to be called Cardiff? and his scenario is to look after abandoned babies or whatever it might be. And that god is created, and then that information is passed down from generation to generation to generation. And of course that God being worshipped every time children are lost, then it contains the energy that builds up. And the people can actually feel the energy when they go there. And what is very interesting is that the energy is beneficial, beneficial to actually assist in finding the lost child or whatever it might be. Because what you’ve done is you’ve created a thought form of creative energy. Do you understand that?


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Okay. So, that is their beliefs. They believe in all these different Gods; they are all  creative form. And this basically controls their day-to-day life. There is not just one God, they are surrounded by Gods. And therefore they consider themselves to be very lucky. And of course there is no shortage of Gods or anything. So when somebody wants to know which God for this specific thing, they will ask one of the elders which one it is, and they will be told, and they will accept that.


S: That makes sense.


Spirit: It’s very interesting.


S: Mmm.







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