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903   Civilizations and evolving – America

And then you take something like the United States of America, which is also a very good idea, where you have got a United State. Each state came up with their own rules and regulations, they agreed to all work together and that is why you have two levels of law.


You have got your federal law and your state’s law and you have got your American law if you like. And the two can differ. And that works very well because it is continual thinking and evolving which is changing and improving. So that works very well. Now when you get back to a much slower version, such as we know that is happening at the moment with China, where they have gone on a new venture and everything is put into that venture and if that venture does not succeed it is a matter of starting again.

They may go back an awful long time before they can catch up to where they were, And start again. Meanwhile everybody in that country has learnt a little bit about it, but it is only one generation, so for that one generation they didn’t really evolve all that much. So the people of China, you can say, are more at a beginner level than at an intermediate or an advanced level. Such as you are. Does that make sense?


S: Yes it does

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