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904 Declining of Religions – Islam

Spirit: Mmm. Very interesting, very interesting. We won’t go into ISIS. ISIS is an extreme. Islam, of course, you know, has been a very solid religion. When that started, it was a matter of, this is a religion we believe in, we’re not going to change it. And since then, as you know, they’ve always been trying to justify how their Quran is correct. An offshoot of that, of course, has been your ISIS. And they basically said, well, we interpret it this way, and it should be this, this, and this, and they created this new breed, if you like, of Islam, where you’ve got your suicide brothers and so on. But that is really just a very small offshoot, and not too serious. But you have many other wars, you have many other religions.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: And the Taliban is another one. And they’re all the good and the bad, as you know, in every area, so they’re all coming together as one. You have your work cut out, so.


S: Yeah, don’t we just. Lol.


Spirit: Okay, I think that’s all for me for this evening, so I will say good evening and leave you to see, if there’s anybody else.


S: Thank you.

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