Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

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G: And, yeah, my eyes just opened. Oh, okay. Lol.


S: Yeah, Eve was fully into me, and then the dogs went mad, and then she was still here. And then did all sorts of things, but not like she was before. She did all sorts of things, and I could see things, but I can’t remember what they were now.


G:  I could see where I put the light on, you were still in it.


S: Crystal clear, like almost like a room, so I’m trying to remember what it was now. It’s like, oh, don’t forget that, don’t forget that. Just like crystal clear images just going round and round and round. Almost like memories. And I can’t remember, I couldn’t even say what they were now. And then she just dissipated. Still hovering but just like there. I like how she is always here though.


G: It’s lovely. So nice.


S: But it was so super cool. I felt her all up my back and the whole of my head.


G: When you go into meditation, and you feel her right inside you, etcetera, what you tend to do is look for what she wants to say. And when you start seeing weird and wonderful things, you tend to think in the beginning, that can’t be right, that can’t, it’s too weird and so on. And you must do the opposite, you just go with the flow, whatever you see. And even if it changes all the time, whatever, you just go with it, because that’s the way you get tuned in. And then you get things you can call back to and you know it’s always there. And then after a while, it’s pretty straightforward.


S: Yeah. It was just like a bunch of rooms, just going, like, almost, again, it’s a rotation thing. It’s just like rooms.


G: Hmm.


S: Going round and round and round and round. Like that slide thing, when you push it, it goes around.


G: It’s not.


S: A little bit faster. That’s all I was seeing. . Hmm. It’ll happen. It’s imminent.


G: Hmm. Did you get a chance to look at that Battle of Anzio in Italy?


S: Yes. Yes.


G: That was quite amazing. Because I’ve never looked at that battle at all. And it’s only what I saw when he showed me. And that report was, you know, saying they were stuck on the beach for two and a half months. And the carnage was 70-80 000 deaths.


S:It’s quite insane what people have been through. Or go through.


G: It’s all such good proof when I get something like that and ..


S: Yeah.


G: Exactly, that’s the sort of thing you want.


S: Yeah. So good.  

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