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907 Spirit creating new civilizations

I am still up in space somewhere. I seem to have a lot of caves, all linked together. A bit like a honeycomb. And they are all sort of floating around in space. They seem to be empty but I am going to go into the first one. These are dimensions. Again, it is symbolic. When you go into this area you can actually skip from one dimension to another. So what is the point of changing dimensions? You can visit other races, see how they are doing etc.


Spirit: If you look at it from our point of view up here, as gardeners of a particular planet, we want to see what has happened in the past, and we can see memories of what has happened in the past on this particular planet.  Don’t forget you have got dimensions and you could have many dimensions of Earth as it has grown. Now, I am going to leave that to your imagination because the number of dimensions is absolutely staggering because remember right in the beginning, when we started to ‘grow the first caveman” if you like. And it didn’t really work and we go back a few years and so on. All we really did then is stop one dimension and created a new one. And we created a new one based on taking something exactly  from the one dimension and putting it into the next dimension. And this has happened many times, so we get to a stage where we are curious, what would happen if it went in this way or that way; if the queen died, or didn’t die, or whatever. So we simply create another dimension. Now that will play havoc with your mind because of the volume of just thinking about all the possibilities and how on earth would you control that?


S: My child already knows this. He said ‘we are multi-dimensional, so we could be living in another reality right now”


Yes, very true. Now your higher self will put you in several dimensions, to gain more experience. The same applies to us, looking after different worlds and different planets. We have to do that. But now let’s just narrow that down. It’s not a matter of what you think of having another world on one side. The world that we create in different dimensions could be exactly the same, it could have people just like you, in a situation just like you, where you would tap this desk and feel it as being solid, but actually it isn’t. Thought is creation so we can create the environment, where your mind will believe ‘this is solid’. So we don’t need a world. So, what sort of world are you living in at the moment? Lol


S: I don’t think we know that, lol.


Right, lol, that is getting way too far ahead, but we are just showing you more and more. These are just dimensions and we can go into various dimensions. Where it is very useful is where you get a certain scenario and let’s just take the scenario of the queen dying, we want to see what is going to happen with all these other countries, how they are going to react. And all we do is we go back in time and we can say, bring up all the areas where a queen is dying and similar circumstances. And it can be in different dimensions, and different people on this planet or whatever. And instantly we can see a whole range of different possibilities. And from that we can get a pretty good idea of what the outcome would be.


S: Like a little preview.


Yes, lol. It’s very good for us. I think that is enough, let’s get back to something a bit more down to earth.







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