Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

910 Using the next level of energy with memories added.

S: I’ve got pink. Pink all around me. Pink, pink.


G: That’s a nice loving colour. Comforting. There’s a lot of people here.


S: Mmm.


G: They are watching. And they are watching you.


S: Mmm Mmm.


S: I can see lots of green. I’ve gone from pink to green.


G: Mm-hmm.


S: I’ve gone to the garden a little bit, to go under the waterfall a little bit and I’ve got this luminous blue. Like this lumo blue. Like an electro lumo blue colour.


G: Mmm, interesting.


S: Yeah.


G: A bit like avatar.


S: Yeah. It’s weird.


G: Okay, let’s try and figure out what a luminous blue colour is. Royal blue is the spoken word. Light blue is healing, luminous blue….


S: Now, I’ve gone to all my flowers and they are all lighting up.


G: Okay.


S: Also like luminous, just lighting up. So not just in the flower, it’s just like everything’s lit up. I can even feel the energy with my arms out. Mm-hmm.


G: That is good.


S: There’s energy there. So is it used to create more energy?


G: mmm. Just take you time and you will get it.


S: The energy is more…..


E: Yeah. You haven’t felt it before because it’s the next level up. The ordinary colors you see, remember yesterday we were talking about going into new colors.


S: Yes, yes.


E: So the next level up is a higher level for stronger energy.


S: Yes.


E: That’s what the luminous means.


S: Okay.


E: So you can take all the colors, add the luminous, and that’s your next level up.


S: Okay.


E: And that’s why you’ve got it right and wrong. Lol.


S: Lol. Tricky!


E: Good though. Very good, very good.


G: Hmm. That’s your E doing that. Because I didn’t do that.


S:  I can’t even feel it, yeah. That’s just what I’m seeing. I don’t feel or sense it, as in physically.


G: That’s okay. Yeah. You’ll feel what you need to see. It should be on the outskirts of that.


S: Yeah. Just multi-colors, all the colors.


G: Hmm.


S: It’s beautiful. There’s orange and pinks and beautiful colours.


G: And which garden are you in?


S: Ah, I just went down to my waterfall.


G: Okay.


S: Yeah, with the forest behind and all that energy.


G: Yeah. Okay, have a look upstream, to the source. Let’s see if the color goes all the way up there. See if it’s in the water.


S:Hmm. Yep.


G: Okay.


S: Some orange.


G: Orange. You know what colour that is for, rebuilding.


S: Yeah.


G: Alright. Okay, so let’s just stay there for a while. I can even see these colors now. And the luminous. And I’m trying to look at this energy. It seems to be, there is more spiritual soul in the energies.


S: Yeah.


G: Okay.


S: It’s almost like you want to describe it as stickier, but it’s not.


G: Yeah.


S: So it’s energy.


G: There’s more to it, so.


S: Yeah.


G: All right. So, I think what it is, is look at the colors, which are your standard energy. And we know all the different things that they do, et cetera. This color here is the next level up, and it’s the same colors with the experience added.


S: Ah, so there’s memory, emotion, and everything…


G: Yeah.


S:… into it. Maybe not into it, which is why it’s thicker. It’s not sticky at all. It’s just, it’s more condensed because it has, it contains more.


G: There’s far more to it. A hell of a lot more to it. If it’s got all those memories and emotions, the whole works, just imagine how you can start healing somebody or some group or something. It’s not about what this color, whatever, this is the whole invasion of colors. It’s quite amazing.


S: Phew. And as you say that, everything just lights up.


G: Yeah.


S: It goes up. Just phew.


G: And it’s all connected to so many different things. That’s mind-blowing Sharon. We’ve been getting all these different things about energy. And we think, well it can’t get any better than this. And it’s just different levels. I was like, why is it so sticky? Because it’s just, it’s real. It’s supposed to be awesome.


S: I was like, why is it so sticky, but it’s so sticky because it’s containing so much. It’s not sticky. It’s just more condensed.


G: Yeah. So this is why, when you get somebody, when you get a drama, let’s say a car crash, et cetera, we’d normally send healing. If you did it now, what you’d be doing is sending everything. The healing, the support, the whatever, all the bits and pieces.


S: Everything that’s needed.


G: Yes and you use it all at once. It’s all one thought.


S: And to everybody.


G: Yes. Wow. That is something. Something else.


S: Yeah, I suddenly got a picture of that. So, you’d normally go to the place, ooh, the person, and you’d think, oh, shame. The initial shame. And when I first, I was getting an image of an accident now, the energy goes all over. It’s like a spider web. It goes all over, but then shoots out as well to all family members and…


G:Everything that’s needed.


S: So it shoots out, branches out.


G: Okay, I can see now why you’re getting that sort of energy, because with this change of the earth that’s happening, it’s not just a matter of fixing one thing that spreads to others. Here now you’re fixing one thing that spreads immediately to others.


S: Yeah.


G: It’s not just passed on through experiences, but immediately.


S: Yeah.


G: So whether it’s like a major conflict, I mean, let’s just go the extreme and look at Ukraine and Russia.


S: Yeah.


G: You’ll be able to do just amazing things with thought. God, that’s mind blowing. That’s why there’s all these people watching.


S: Oh ok.


G: It’s like … God I’ve got all of them standing here…. an achievement. You just won the gold medal. Lol.


S: All I can see is everything just luminous all around me. That’s all I can see.


G: Everything needs fixing. Lol.  Wow, that is quite something Shan. Quite something.


S: You know, luminous is not even the right word, it’s just this absolutely radiant colour.


G: Yeah.


S: Radiant light. It’s light.


G: Concentrated energy.


S: Yeah. It’s only what I can perceive as luminous.


G: Yeah.


S: Because that’s what my brain knows as luminous, but I know it’s not. It’s, I’m not going to shut it down because when I say that it radiates and when I say it’s not, it shuts down. So this is luminous radiant energy. That’s the only way I perceive it.


G: Yeah. I see it like the movie Avatar. You know, with all the colour moving and…


S: Yes. If you think about it, so if you’ve got something that is in a luminous lighting, you can’t stop it. It spreads and it’s just the right colour. it illuminates whatever’s meant to illuminate.


G: Yeah, because it’s not going to be a matter of you saying, I need this colour, I want that or this, it’s just you being there.


S: Yes.


G: They’re going to work through you and just zap it straight through. You’re just the conduit, needed for the energy going through.


S: That’s how energy will work as well. It needs to go exactly where it needs to go. Boom.


G: Yeah. So, and even, you don’t even have to be in the right places for this to happen.


S: Yeah.


G: Because as we’ve already experienced, we’ve done stuff from here, in Ukraine already.


S: Yeah


G: So it’s just a matter of…


S: So everywhere, we be where we need to be.


G: We could actually get a couple of deck chairs, sit on the beach and… lol.


G: Lol. That is quite unreal.


G: Now, what is not in the ability is instant healing. They are just sort of showing me. Although, you can heal an awful lot of things. You can’t change what people have chosen.


S: Oh, yeah.


G: Lessons, etc. So, what it will do is… Influence where it’s possible.


S: Where it needs to go. Now, I’ve just got grey. Grey. All around.


G: That’s how it started, wasn’t it? No, grey, hang on. When we had the circle yesterday…


S: Yes.


G: Remember the guardians behind this grey. They were protecting us from… We didn’t know whether we should be inside or outside.


S: Yes.


G: So…


S: No, I started with green. This is grey. Grey all around me.


G: Hmmm. So, it looks like the guardians will let in the colours when it’s needed.


S: Hmmm. And it’s just… Yeah. It’s just gone.


G: Mmm. that was unreal Shan.


S: Everything’s gone.


G: Yeah, me too.


S: That was amazing!


G: Absolutely.


S: I mean… I don’t think I remember the beginning part. 


G: No


S: That was incredible. The colours. And, you know, before you said, you know, energy and colours and everything… I didn’t see much. I was like… Oh, yeah. Okay. Ha-ha. And… Jeez. This was mind-blowing.


G: Mmm. Now, this is only over six months. Jeez. That’s six months.


S: Mind-blowing. Mind-blowing.

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