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911 Why there are differing levels of spiritual understanding

G I can see your aura already.


S Yeah?


G: Mmm. Nice.


S: Okay, what she’s showing me now is like, oh, it’s weird. It’s almost like a mixture between cotton wool and steel wool.


G: Mmm.


S: It’s a… Yeah, it’s weird. It’s a… it’s not… I’m trying to get the colour. It’s like beige, yellow, creamy… Tons of them.


G: Beige and creamy is to soften things.


I seem to have a house. It’s about four stories high, and it’s long, probably 100 meters long. . A big double door at the entrance, a bit like a church door. There are trees on the right. A lot of big trees. In a way, it’s like a giant church, the entrance is like a church. It’s four stories high. And we go inside, and down the whole length of this building, there’s a table, and there’s people seated either side of the table. And it’s a festive occasion.


And this is where it seems like all religions are joining together or discussing. They live upstairs in these four stories. I think this is symbolic and they are all at this one table. And probably in the future, where they will all get together. And they put up with each other and discuss and so on.


I’m going to walk down the length of this room. It’s very unusual. It’s very light for a change. Normally when I’m in a situation like this, I’ll be right inside it. I can see, feel, touch, etc. And here I seem to be like a ghost, just looking at this, because the energy is very wishy-washy, glassy, empty, not strong. I’m trying to find the meaning of this. I can’t connect to the people.


S: It’s just like you are watching, observing.


G: Yeah. There are lots of people. I sense them, they all seem to be from an old era. In a way, a bit like the series I’ve been watching. So I’ll go up to the rooms above and see what is there. And up here things are half completed. There’s a whole variety of different things, different shapes, different sizes. But nothing is finished, nothing is completed. It’s all .. See, a lot of this… Well, it never makes sense anyway, so let’s just go for it.


Okay, I’m sensing that these are all different religions that have failed, and now they’re all getting together. And I’m not sure why. Upstairs there’s all these things which are half completed, which are basically the religions that were started. But all the people are downstairs and they’re all together. So it seems like people have started these religions. It hasn’t really worked. So, they’re all joined up, they’ve joined forces together and they’re all quite happy downstairs.


But, there must be something else. I go and sit at the table. And I put you at the other end. And they’re all looking at me. And you. Okay, gotcha.


Right, these are not so much religions as variations of spiritual understanding. That’s what it is. So, they’ve tried a variety of different ways. It hasn’t particularly worked. They’ve sort of been misled, got off the path, etc. But coming back together and talking to each other, they can now sort of understand that they’re all in the same boat, all going in the same direction. But they all strayed off the path a little bit.


But together, it’s fine. And they all find the right boat path to go in. Which I’m sort of guessing, assuming, is you and me. So as if we’re going to pick up the strays and lead them in the right direction. I don’t want to sort of get the ego talking here. I want them to confirm a little bit more. It sort of makes sense, but why would they show us? There’s got to be a reason. It sort of makes sense, but why would they show us? There’s got to be a reason.


Okay. The same as we have been looking for ways to market and get in touch with the people, etc. We’ve found that it’s very difficult to get in touch with people because everybody is sort of keeping to themselves. They’ve got this jealousy, ego, etc. And this holding on to what they believe in. And mainly they’re very committed in their beliefs. And although it’s spiritual, they’re very committed. They don’t sort of believe others. It’s a bit like the lady at the church last Sunday who wants to work the old-fashioned way, looks upon us with not scorn, but we are not too sure.


Now, there’s a lot of people out there that way, and groups of people are going to be doing exactly the same thing. So you might get a spiritual church, for example, or a movement that are, they seem to be indignant that we come along and say, no, you’re doing it wrong, you’ve got to do it this way. And they’ve heard what you say, Sharon, about you must never run people down, etc., which is quite right. We don’t want to run the people down, we want to say whatever you believe in is good for you, etc. But at the same time we’ve got to change their thinking a little bit.


S: If it’s working for them, if it makes them a better person, if it’s working for them, if it’s not working for them, then they need to look at what’s next.


G: That’s right. That’s quite right. We can’t go in and change their way of thinking. As you’ve often said, you cannot change somebody’s mind.


S: No.


But just by being there and showing them a different way is how it’s done.


S: Yes.


Sprit: And if you think how both of you learnt. Along the way you’ve been told different things, and some things did gel with you and some didn’t, and you picked up the ones that you believed in that you could feel was right, and you’ve carried on with those. And these people are going to be exactly the same.


So there’s lots of different organizations and groups of people out here, and information will pass on from one to the other, the usual story, and you will simply be showing them, leading them in the right direction.


S: Being the invitation.


Spirit: Yeah. And they will decide to join you and move across. That’s why this is a difficult moment to get things going, it’s not as you assumed it would be, but it will all just start to grow slowly, and people will start to have faith in what you do, and understand what you do, and believe in what you do because of sincerity, and it will resonate with them. Because we have, obviously they all have guides, and their guides will allow them to resonate a little bit more than what we’re saying. Just a little bit of persuasion, and they still have their free will of course, but it will point them in that direction and make them think about these sorts of things, etc.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So that’s what this hall is, it’s just an example of, it was a way to get across to you, all the different variations that are out there, and your task is not to go ahead and change the world, it’s just to be there, so that people can see the change, and they will change in their own time.


S: As they are ready to choose it.


Spirit; Yeah. So, the work you have to do is going to be most enjoyable, and you’ll be teaching as normal. And you’ll be showing people different things, but it will be something which, they suddenly see and it sort of clicks, it makes sense to them, and they will start to talk about, and they will bring others into this movement, if you like.


S: Yeah. yeah.


Spirit Because when you think about it, you have millions of people out there, so it’s not going to be something which is done overnight, and as we’ve said, the whole change is going to be around ten years.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So it’s just a matter of you starting and letting it spread. It doesn’t matter how it spreads, it is going to take time, but it will spread the correct way. That’s what we want, and that’s what you will do.


S: Awesome, yes.


Spirit: Good.

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