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913 How to boost energy to a distant group

Spirit: Now, I’m going to give you one more energy to think about. Lol.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: One more energy. And the best way to put it. If you can imagine a shooting star, what the tail of a shooting star, it sparkles for a while and it disappears.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Now, if you can imagine that being so white, but imagine it going in circles, so instead of coming down in a straight line it’s just a circle that goes around 360 degrees, all the sparkles behind the tail of this don’t disappear. That’s another sort of energy. Now what energy do you think that is for?


S: It’s almost like a boost of positivity. Like a spark or some sort of positivity to the same as that you would use the little metal black screwdrivers to remove negativity. That would bring the gift of positivity in just a boom. Like that.


Spirit: Correct. Yes. Not so much to an individual. Sometimes to an individual, but also to a group. Also to a distance. So you may have a group in Australia for example talking to them and this energy will suddenly just boost there. Because they are so far away and they cannot talk to you face to face and that’s the sort of energy which will open that up.


S: Okay.


Spirit: Again it’s something which you will not consciously use, you may see it occasionally, but this is just one more thing. Many, many, many, many other energies that we can use for you.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: Let me not confuse you any further. Lol. Enough for one night. Very simple, very straightforward. Already you are forgetting the majority we have taught you, but that’s fine. It’s in your soul, it’s in your system.


S: Lol. No it’s fine. It’s all there. 


Spirit: So, I wish you a pleasant evening and I will say once more good night.


S: Thank you and goodnight.


G: And he’s gone. Mmm. nice. Right at the beginning I had my eyes open for a while, looking at your aura and I thought something was going to happen with you. And then they said no, close your eyes.  And what you did tonight is you senses a hell of a lot more.


S: Yeah. God, she came up into my neck here. Then she came up to my whole head. I actually thought something was going to happen. She came and enveloped my whole head.


G: Yeah.


S: All around. And then you started talking to me more and more and more. And then she just went back. But I she came all the way into me. And I felt something, brushed it off and it was her. Lol. I felt all this energy, it was beautiful though, just energy.


G: Yeah. They are putting more and more energy into you and you are sensing more and more. Which is what she does.


S: Yeah. .


G: Which is excellent.


 S: I felt her so much more today. I really thought something was going to happen and then I just felt more and more and more and then you started talking more and more and eventually she just dissipated.


G: Yeah, what they are doing is not putting any pressure on you because if suddenly it goes quiet and talk, and go, hello. One day she will just go ‘hello’.  You’ll be talking and you will realise it’s her talking.


S: Yeah. But that was so nice. Such a beautiful energy.


G: Yes, it’s lovely.

S: But that shooting star is just so beautiful.


G: Yeah. Well, now we have a little bit more about what we are going to do.


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