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915 – Your higher-self shares info with others to create new “Nature”

Spirit: Now there are many other planets who work in similar ways. And as we’ve talked about different societies leaving out different benefits, emotions and so on, the same thing happens with nature. So we have to understand nature and how it works in different circumstances. It could be gravity, it could be heat, cold, wind, all sorts of things. And again we can leave out, let’s say for example we leave out water or we have a small amount of water compared to what you have on earth here. Like two thirds of the earth is covered in water. So again we look at all these different planets and all these differences on each planet. How they evolved over millions and millions of years. And all that information goes back to, where would it all go back to?


Now think of this, you’ve got your higher self that comes down and gathers various information. Now we’re talking about thousands, millions, billions of planets all surviving for billions of years. With all that change, which is the most staggering figure of information, where is it that it all goes back to?


S: God.


Spirit: Pretty close. If you take all your higher selves, all your higher selves work independently but also together. All your higher selves are linked to an even higher self which works together. And of course it does go all the way back up to God. So now if you can just see that, you’ve got your higher self and then as that expands you’ve got another higher self above that which we know. Then they form groups to look after small galaxies, if you like, or areas. And you just get more and more connections as you grow. So you end up with all the information that’s possible, which is almost impossible to achieve because that is the greater, that is God. So that’s how your whole world and galaxy works. Fascinating is it not.


S: Shew, it’s beautiful. It’s easy when you can look at it. It’s just living it. Lol.


Spirit: So yeah. You’re seeing such a tiny portion of it.


S: Absolutely. That’s what I’m saying. It’s just, it’s beautiful. It’s actually beautiful. It’s magnificent. And then when you experience it in these tiny little minuscule little pin-prick of it. You look at it as like, oh my God!


Spirit: And now you look at the people that you know that that have crossed over back to our side. They are learning at all sorts of different levels. And some will only understand a few, they’ve had a few basic lives where others will understand as you do and far, far more. So as your mother, as you put it, was moving around like an excited bunny, she saw all of this.


S: Yes.


Spirit: And she suddenly saw all of this and got some of her memories back and saw a bigger picture. And then what she sees is this tremendous universe with all the colours and emotions and so on. And then she looks down to see the two of you in a small planet, just learning about the tiniest forms of emotions. So now, you can understand her thought connection to you.


S: Yes. And that’s when she came back and said her readings were meaningless. The wrong word to use – she meant compared to what she can see now.


Spirit: Lol.


S: But from what she could see and perceive, they are meaningless because it’s just like, look what’s here, you know, like an excited puppy.


Sprit: Meaningless compared to the bigger picture. lol


S: That’s only the way she could put it. And it was like, we could feel her excitement and her, just her expansive joy. Yeah.


Spirit: Absolutely. Now you can think again of how she spent her life or the latter part of her life teaching others and doing her clairvoyance and adjusting people’s thinking and putting them on the right path so that in the future they would change. And she changed so many people’s lives which in turn, as you know, changed other people’s lives, and it gets passed on to the next generation and so on. So the tiniest, tiniest instruction can have a huge impact in the future generations.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: So she was working at a very comfortable level down here. Now, can you imagine what she’s doing over here right now.


S: Shew. Changing the planet, and changing the world.


Spirit: Lol. The same thing happens but what she wants you to look at is the, everything is relative. So over here with what she is doing, she was maybe doing that, let’s say a thousand times bigger. But it’s the same thing. She’s there working with people. She doesn’t actually do that but just to give you an example, she’d be working with people who would be on a much higher level. And therefore the situation would be very similar. It’s just so she can see the comparison of life on this planet compared to what she’s now witnessing and experiencing where she is. Too beautiful to see, too beautiful to see.


S; Yeah.


Spirit: The amount of love that we have on this side is also quite staggering. We haven’t looked at that side of it yet. But it’s not something we want to go into because when you see or when you experience the love that’s on this side, basically you just want to get here.


S: Yeah, dangerous. Lol.


Spirit: We can’t show you too much. You have work to do first of all.


S: We’ll stick to our love first, okay?


Spirit: Everything is relative. And you are very blessed with the love that you have, the experience that you have at the moment. Not just between the two of you but between your animals as well and the other people around you and your friends and so on.


S: Absolutely.


Spirit: You don’t realize how many connections there are there and how many connections will be created in the next…


S: In the last day or two I’ve been feeling that and reconnecting. In the last day or two I’ve kind of woken up and changed. And I can feel that change and sort of reconnecting because for three years I been like (yuck).


Spirit: Yeah, it’s a very frustrating time.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: But it’s something that you had to go through to experience, again both sides.


S: Yeah, and to teach. Yeah.


Spirit: So, as you progress things will get nicer and better and more comfortable.


S: And more fun.


Spirit: Lol. And much more fun. So, I will leave you now with your guide. She is there to get a bit more comfortable with you. And…


S: Thank you.


Spirit: And your animal guide too. Lol.


S: Yes.


Spirit: Very nice.


S: Pussy cat


Spirit: Big pussy cat. Thank you for listening once more and from me, good night.


S: Thank you. And Good night.

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