Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

916  Memories from Souls passed over connect with Geoff and Sharon (to use)

G: I seem to have another visitor, so o… They look like… Skulls, basically. It’s very unusual. So, let me just see what is there?

They’re all covered in this green…


S: It could be the past? Relating to the past. Because this green is…


G:  Lots of them going back for a long, long way. I think these are… These are souls that have passed over and left behind memories. This is very similar to what we were discussing a few weeks ago. One of the last meditations I did was a group of souls in a cave that I would look after and it seems to be these. They’re making a connection to start to give me information. They’re just letting me know that they’re there. It seems that you have…


The work that you’ll be doing, Sharon, is going to be different from what I’m going to be doing. You are being prepared for work in the future, to take you well into the future where I won’t be. I’ll be working with these older memories, okay. This is all sort of fitting in with what he was discussing just now.


Where the whole world changes, and all the different memories change as you go from one millennium to the other. And so you’re into the new, the new change, etc. And I’ll be using the memories from these, so I’ll be sort of… It’s like the old year and the new year. I’ll be finishing off with these and concentrating on the work that they can do, and you’ll be working the next level up, doing what you’ll be doing. Then I’m here to help you to get onto that next level. So as we progress over the next many years, you will start teaching, and I will expand all this information that’s coming through and pass it across to you, and you will understand a little bit more of the next level up, so that you can continue to teach at that particular level. So that was all sort of pre-determined.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: The reason they show me themselves as skeletons or skulls is because they are no longer here. They are just memories. But when…. the memories are there, so it can be used… It’s like a huge data bank, and they’re saying it’s a bit too complicated for me to explain, but with your understanding of what you’ve been told about being given information you don’t need to know, you just have to think the right way, then you will understand that all I have to do here is think the right way, exactly the same on this particular level. And the information is there to help us progress.


S: The bones represent the memories,  because it’s just like they’re not here, but the bones are representing the memories.


Spirit: Yes, symbolic.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Good. Okay, now they’re retreating. Okay, I’m just going to go back over there. They’re going back to their cave, so it’s the same people. I’ll be dammed.


S: Ah, funny.


G: Going back to their cave. Alright. Okay, I think it was Gandhi who took me there. So anyway, knowing that they’re there, that’s all we have to know. Everything will all get sorted out later. We’ll use them later when we need them. They’re just showing themselves now, so we understand a little bit more, and we’ve got one more step up the ladder.


S: Mmm.


G: Okay, that’s it. And poof, they gone. Wow. Holy shit, Sharon.


S: I love that. I love that.


G: We’re lucky we don’t have ego.


S: Right? Oh my god. I was thinking that the other day. In fact, I have the opposite. I was thinking, oof, am I good enough? Can we please people? Can I give the best? I’m in fact in the opposite. You know, can I give my best? Can I give them what they need? So it’s the complete opposite.


G: Yeah, you know that we can.


S: Yes. And I know just being in it, they lift that up in you. I know all of that, but there’s no ego at all. Because I don’t think I remember what that is. Lol.


G: Yeah.


S: I do, but it’s not nice.


And I haven’t felt E. I felt her on my hand a little bit when he was talking, but I did get her. This lion stands on my feet, so I get that.


G: Oh, nice.


S: I’m here.


G: Yeah, because he thought it was all over, then these people appeared. 


S: Yeah. Oh, that was amazing. 

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