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923  September 2022 Advice for Sharon to go with the flow

I’ve got E in your head already; I can see her. And all around your face.


You also have your little watcher, down by your right foot


Ok I have a woman here; she wants to speak to you. She did what you are about to do. It doesn’t matter where or when but she went through exactly the same as you are about to  go through or near enough. She wants to explain a little bit of what you experience will be like because it’s not quite as you are going to imagine.


Guide: So far you have had all this information about how everything works and how all the energy works etc. And you’ve got this thing in your mind which they have been changing about how you are going to help people and help groups of people and so on. The big difference is that I went through exactly the same thing and what I wanted to experience was what I assumed would happen in the beginning. And what do you mustn’t do is try and see ahead or assume, it is just going to go with the flow etc, because what is going to happen is you are going to get sudden breaks in your thinking,  so you will be going along one path thinking this is the correct path, to do this and you will be assuming what is going to happen. Then suddenly you will find you are on a different path altogether because if it had to switch in one big switch and you will say to yourself I wonder why, why did that happen. So it is important that you just go with the flow. Now once you know how to do that it just makes it very comfortable. What you don’t have to do is anticipate or plan ahead, is simply Go With the Flow day in today. Now you have your normal planning ahead, whatever you want to write about, whatever you want to advertise and so on, that is normal. But I am talking about the way the healing will happen and the way the people are brought to you and the way that you will be teaching. One thing I can say to you is that you have a very good instinct, your sensitivity is very high and that is what they like, and that is why you have been chosen to do this. Your sensitivity is really high. And it will get even higher as you see more things and you will be able to see more things and you will be able to understand far more things and again you will doubt in the beginning because it seems, as you have been experiencing, but some things are just way too much. So simply Go With the Flow and you’ll be very comfortable.


S: Thank you so much for that.


You will be dealing with a lot of children as well and the children will have a different energy from the adults. In most cases what you will be dealing with is both the parents and the child, in a lot of this, and those will be in correlation because the parents chose to bring up the children and vice versa, whichever way they work.


S: Yes and then you can work on the child and the parents will be doing the same thing so they will be on the same page.


Yes that’s right, so you have the two that go together.  you will be doing single where it will be just parents or just children but you will be doing a lot of correlation between the parent and Child. Simply because that is the best way that we can create the next……. what is the word .

S: Generational energy.


Yes generational energy, that fits very nicely. And that will simply carry on growing. As you get to later years, it is something going to get deeper and stronger and better and so on. You have an awareness now  where you are able to see a much greater distance  than most people. You see that as energy,  an overall overview, If you like, of the situation around what is happening with  groups and even with the area around you,  especially nature. You have got this ability.  and you won’t realise how this is improving so much as you go true Life. You will have to sort of take a step back every now and then and ask if you can see all of this and the answer is yes you can.

So do not be perturbed by what you get and just go with the flow enjoy your everyday and you will be fine.

Now there will be lots of people guiding you in the future, and you have many other teachers that will come along and help you with different things. So I only came to simply give you the advice and I wish you lots of luck and I know that you will be very good at what you do. And what I have seen so far is absolutely beautiful and your soul is absolutely beautiful and everything will go near  enough according to plan. So for that thank you and good luck


S: That was very special thank you.

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